Embodiment (Japanese: 化身 (けしん) Keshin) is the three hundred ninety-ninth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 30th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Kageyama is thrilled by the high level plays from both teams. With his dominating serves and setting skills, Kageyama helps his team break as he aims to keep the match going.


Hinata's perfect receive helps his team take another point. He soon follows up with a service ace, but Ushijima immediately returns one of his own. Kageyama is silently relishing the moment as the two teams exchange blows while playing at their highest level.

With the Jackals leading 18 - 15, Atsumu silences the crowd before making his serve. Heiwajima bumps the ball, and Kageyama prepares to set. The Jackals deduce that Kageyama is going for a dump shot and moves in to cover the front of the court. However, Kageyama unexpectedly switches to a power tip to send the ball toward the back and scores.

Before serving, Kageyama is reminded of his grandpa telling him that he can play more volleyball if he gets stronger. Kageyama scores another service ace after Hinata failed to stop the momentum of the ball. Hinata manages to keep Kageyama's next serve in play. Atsumu tosses to Bokuto. Heiwajima receives Bokuto's spike but the ball ricochets out of bounds toward the Jackals' side. Kageyama immediately crosses under the net and sets for his teammates from the opposite side. Hoshiumi responds with a spike as he skillfully converts the unconventional toss to a hit toward the back right of the Jackals' court. Far from his past self, Kageyama is delighted to see his hitters shine as he fulfills his role as a setter.

The Jackals call for a timeout as the Adlers finally catches up in the latter half of the fourth set. Afterward, the game resumes with Kageyama serving while the Jackals' defense remains on guard. Kageyama smiles calmly as he makes his serve toss, fully intending on extending this match and playing more volleyball.


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