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"Engine" (Japanese: エンジン Enjin) is the one hundred ninety-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 10th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The match continues between Nekoma and Fukurōdani. Bokuto comes in for a spike and Kenma sees that he is aiming for a straight and attempts to receive the spike but it bounces out of his hands to the audience. Fukurōdani is currently in the lead which worries Alisa that they may lose at this rate. Akane says that Nekoma always start their games slow and that they should be in the process of recalibrating themselves. Nekoma uses their first time-out and Kenma says that Bokuto seems to be using straights more than crosses. Nekoma comes up with a plan to deal with Bokuto's straights. The time-out ends and the match continues. Bokuto is about to hit a spike when Kuroo blocks him by moving his hands at the last second to send the ball back down. The score is 16-18 with Fukurōdani in the lead but Nekoma close on their heels.


Yaku receives Bokuto's cross shot. Washio keeps an eye on Kenma as he waits for the set to be made and admires the bare minimum Kenma gives. Kenma sets to Kai who is able to score. As Nekoma celebrates the point, Bokuto feels himself getting more fired up after seeing Yaku receive. 

Several plays take place with each side giving their all and refusing to back down. Bokuto especially is doing well in scoring and teases Kuroo for not being at the top of his game. The Nekoma captain assures the ace that he will stuff him soon and should be on guard. At the same time, Lev sees that Kuroo is not blocking Bokuto as much as he did during their 3-on-3 games during the summer training camp. Shibayama believes that Kuroo is actually using his blocks to make it easier for the receivers to dig up the ball.

After Kenma is knocked over from trying to receive Bokuto's straight shot, Fukurōdani is now at a four point lead. Alisa becomes fearful of Nekoma loosing the match but Akane assures her that Nekoma always starts off slow to get their bearings and adapt in order to counter their opponents. 

During a time-out, Kenma acknowledges how Yaku and Bokuto are playing in top form. He adds that Bokuto seems to be especially on point with his line shots. Kai asks if they should change their blocking to stop Bokuto's line shots. Kenma agrees but first they should allow Bokuto to get comfortable with this spike.

The game continues and when Bokuto goes to spike, he tries to aim for Kenma being the low blocker but Kuroo and Kenma switch places before he can spike and ends up being blocked. Kuroo takes the chance to taunt Bokuto that he will be taking the spotlight and angers Bokuto in the process. 

With Nekoma now only two points behind, Akane muses that Nekoma's engine is now roaring.


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