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"Ensnaring Net" (Japanese: 包囲網 (ほういもう) Hōimō) is the one hundred ninety-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 12th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The end of the first set approaches and Fukurōdani is currently in the lead 18-21. Despite the efforts from Nekoma, they are unable to catch up and the first set goes to Fukurōdani, 21-25. Coach Nekomata gives the team encouragement and the second set begins. The score is 16-14 with Nekoma in the lead but Bokuto seems to have hit a wall. He claims that he no longer remembers how to do crosses which puts Fukurōdani in a pinch!


Konoha is showered with praise by the Fukurōdani cheering squad, calling him by his unwanted nickname 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None'. Lev is determined to turn the game around but Kenma cations him not to rush things as their plan is starting to fall into place.

Fukurōdani soon reaches set point. While remembering how Kenma said he was still not on Hinata's level, Lev is able to score for Nekoma. Alisa notices Akane admiring Lev again and instantly believes that Akane has fallen in love with her younger brother. Alisa right away tries to think of things she and Akane would do together if Akane and Lev married and they became sisters. Her thoughts are cut short when Lev sends his serve out and Fukurōdani wins the set, ending Akane's admiration and causing Alisa to apologize for Lev's mistake again.

In the second set, Nekoma becomes frustrating to the Fukurōdani team as they continue to receive spike after spike. Several fans on the Fukurōdani side believe that Nekoma is still the inferior team but do see how Nekoma being solid in defense is something to be cautious of.

Yamamoto is able to score and get Nekoma in the lead. Alisa praises his skills though Akane humbly says her brother's abilities are not on the high level Alisa believes them to be on.

As a time-out takes place, the Fukurōdani players become concerned about the Nekoma team giving them trouble in being able so solid in their defense and not giving their opponent a chance to land an attack. Coach Yamiji Takeyuki tells the team to concentrate on getting one-touches and creating chance ball opportunities for themselves. Above all else, he warns the team not to give Nekoma the chance to adapt and strengthen their defense even more than what it already is. On Nekoma's side, Kenma tells the team to try to get Akaashi to get the first touch and Yamamoto sees that it is so Bokuto will be stuck with inferior sets.

Kenma's plan is right away put into place and Akaashi right away gets a first touch. Sarukui is called to make the set and does not want the pressure of giving it to Bokuto with how the ace is already starting to get frustrated. Konoha is given the last hit and performs the rebound. However, Nekoma is still able to carry out Kenma's plan and the setter is able to send it back over with Akaashi once again getting the first touch.

Konoha and Sarukui eventually end the rally with a quick attack. As they watch from the stands, Akane and Alisa see that Nekoma is still continuing to adjust their defense to not give Fukurōdani a chance to attack. As this continues, Bokuto is continuing to get more and more frustrated.

After he is blocked, Akaashi asks Bokuto of his condition due to the setter believing that the ace is too concerned about Nekoma's floor defense. Bokuto then reveals that he is suddenly unable to hit a cross shot no matter how hard he tries. Akaashi then becomes panicked when he realizes Bokuto is showing weakness #37; when Bokuto is excelling at one aspect of the game, he will suddenly forget how to do everything else.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • So far, Akaashi has stated that Bokuto has 37 weaknesses. Number 37 being that Bokuto will forget all of his other skills when he focuses too much on one certain thing.


  • In commemoration of the huge response towards the Tokyo representatives playoffs arc and the upcoming release of the series’ 20th volume, a center color page of Akane Yamamoto and Alisa Haiba standing atop a garbage dump. The text reads: "Dash onwards!! Towards the garbage dump where the crows await!!"


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