Eri Miyanoshita (Japanese: (みや) (した) 英里 (えり) Miyanoshita Eri) is a student at Ubugawa High. She is the Boys' Volleyball Team's manager.

Appearance Edit

Eri has medium length green-black hair styled in twintails and slate-green eyes.

Like the volleyball team, she wears a yellow t-shirt during the training camp and white track pants with two blue vertical stripes on either side on the legs.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about her, but she seems to be a bubbly, friendly individual.


She currently goes to Ubugawa High and is one of the managers for the boys' volleyball team.


Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Eri goes with her team to the summer training camp. She often stays by the side with the coach or captain. At the BBQ[1], she sits with the other managers and converses with them about their teams.

Statistics Edit

Not much is known about this.


Ubugawa HighEdit

She seems to get along with her team.

Trivia Edit


References Edit

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