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"Everyone's Night" (Japanese: それぞれの (よる) Sorezore no Yoru) is the ninth episode of Haikyū!! To The Top, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on March 6, 2020.

The opening theme of this episode is PHOENIX by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and the ending theme is Kessen Spirit by CHiCO with HoneyWorks.


On the first day of the New Year, Daichi is disturbed by a foreboding dream that burdens him as the time to head to the Spring Tournament draws near. The Karasuno team finally departs to Tokyo for the nationals tournament where nerves and excitement begin to arise as the players prepare for their first games and reunite with old friends.


Karasuno s4-e9-3.png

As Daichi gets ready to head to volleyball practice, he is approached by his mother who questions where he is going. Daichi answers that he's heading to volleyball practice and becomes confused and terrified when she states that all of his games ended the day before. Daichi promptly hurries to school while trying to get in contact with Sugawara and Asahi but finds that their numbers are not in his phone. Dressed in his number 11 team uniform, Daichi enters the gym and finds his upperclassmen, Tashiro and Kurokawa, already present. He is relieved at first until he notices that they are playing basketball instead of volleyball. Tashiro declares the gym belongs to the basketball club now. Daichi becomes more confused at this information and asks where the rest of the team is only for Tashiro to answer that Daichi is the only member of the volleyball team.

At the sound of his alarm, Daichi wakes up and realizes that everything that just happened was his first dream of the new year. Several hours later, Daichi has arrived early for a shrine visit with the other third years. He is somewhat surprised when Sugawara and Asahi arrive early like he has. Kiyoko eventually arrives at the agreed time and together they make their way to the shrine. After their prayers, the group pick fortunes where Asahi becomes horrified at getting a cursed fortune. He is teased by his fellow third years and becomes annoyed when Daichi and Sugawara reveal they had received future blessing fortunes. They all soon begin to leave the shrine as Daichi comments on how shrine visits are meant to be for the gratitude of everything things rather than asking the gods for things.

Asahi becomes nervous at hearing this, revealing that he had prayed for several things such as luck in their games, his future and for good health for his neighbor's elderly dog. He now feels he has annoyed the gods by asking for so much but Daichi tries to assure the ace that he has nothing to worry about and Sugawara does not blame Asahi in asking for victory in their games. Kiyoko suddenly stops and says that asking the gods for their help in their games won't matter. Nervously, the three men listen as Kiyoko goes on to say that she is certain they will do just fine without divine forces on their side and instills new confidence in the three.

A quick montage shows several other members of the team spending their rest day doing various things. While out on a jog, Kageyama receives a text message from Hinata asking if he would like to join him and Yamaguchi in a shrine visit but Kageyama declines. Nishinoya is playing a game of hanetsuki with his grandfather and brief glimpses are shown of the Tanaka and Tsukishima households.

Still a little disturbed by his dream, Daichi makes his way to the school to check on the gym while repeatedly telling himself the dream was not real. He is happy to see that the volleyball net is still up in the gym. He soon hears voices close by and spots Nishinoya, Tanaka, Hinata and Kageyama playing hanetsuki together. When the four are questioned what they are doing at the school, they reveal they ended up there by chance from various reasons. Daichi quickly scolds the four and tells them to head home as they should be resting for the tournament and will be upset if any of them get sick. When Tanaka asks why Daichi is at the school he becomes confused when Daichi answers that he was making sure their gym was not taken over by the basketball club.

Daichi and Ikejiri s4-e9-2.png

On his way home, Daichi runs into Ikejiri. While catching up, Ikejiri reveals that he had watched the finals game on tv and praises Karasuno for their hard work. He questions Daichi if he is nervous about going to nationals and Daichi confirms that he is indeed very nervous. Ikejiri assures Daichi that he should have nothing to worry about as they did beat Shiratorizawa in order to advance to the spring tournament. A moment later, Ikejiri's mood intensifies as he proclaims he was joking and says that he and hundreds of others will be watching Karasuno and urges them to play their best. Daichi suddenly laughs and admits that he gets too scared about certain things but knows that he is not alone.

The next day, Karasuno make it to Tokyo. Many on the bus are awestruck at finally seeing the Tokyo Skytree. Daichi takes the chance to inform everyone that they will be stopping at their hotel to drop off their luggage before going to a gym to practice and warns the mischievous ones not to cause any trouble. When the bus arrives at their location, Tanaka mistakenly believes the large hotel to be where they will be staying until Ennoshita points out they are staying at the smaller inn next door. Tanaka quickly overcomes his disappointment when he thinks the inn may be haunted and encourages Hinata and Nishinoya to follow him to explore until they are stared down by Daichi.

During their practice, several of the players begin getting nervous; such as Asahi believing there is less oxygen and Hinata missing more receives than normal. Takeda believed that Hinata possibly had managed to gain control of his nerves by now but guesses that Hinata is nervous because this is his first nationals tournament.

Later that evening, the team is back at the inn when Ukai announces he has something he wants the team to see. Daichi questions if Ukai wants them to analyze their opponents but Ukai instead reveals he wants them to watch a video that Takinoue had put together called 'I'm Awesome'. The video depicts all of their best moments from their games.

Takeda questions why they are not currently studying on their first opponent and Ukai answers that he planned this so the players can all see how amazing and talented they really are and hope they keep those images in mind when they play. Later after the team meeting, Daichi goes to speak with Ukai and Takeda. To Sugawara's annoyance, Daichi leaves Ennoshita in charge of the team while he his gone.

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Ennoshita soon finds Kageyama preparing to go out for a run and Hinata requests to go as well from not having gotten as much exercise as he wanted during the day. Ennoshita quickly tries to stop the two from leaving but quickly realizes the two may later have trouble sleeping if they are too restless. Spotting Tsukishima, Ennoshita turns to the middle blocker only for the first year to right away refuse anything before Ennoshita can speak, knowing the second year was going to ask him to accompany the two. Ennoshita points out that he has noticed Tsukishima being a little restless as well and Tsukishima counters with the statement that there would be no chance of him being able to keep up with Hinata and Kageyama. Ennoshita quickly finds a solution by having Tsukishima ride on a bicycle borrowed from the inn owner. Tsukishima makes it clear to Hinata and Kageyama that he will decide when they return to the inn and will have no problem leaving them somewhere with minimal public transportation to find their own way back if they try to stay out longer.

As the three head off, Yachi spots them leaving and asks Yamaguchi why he isn't going with them. Yamaguchi says that his nerves are more settled after watching the I'm Awesome video. Kinoshita spots Sugawara doing homework that Sugawara explains doing as part of his normal routine and helps him stay calm before questioning Asahi how many times he will be watching the I'm Awesome video. Sugawara sees that Asahi has fallen into Ukai's hope of being amazed as their previous plays.

While watching the video himself, Narita spots Tanaka and Nishinoya pacing around and questions what they are doing. The two reveal they are aware that Kiyoko is currently taking a bath and are doing all they can to prevent their fantasies from erasing watching the I'm Awesome video.

In the women's bath, Yachi finds she is still nervous when alone with Kiyoko and struggles to think of a conversation. She asks Kiyoko about why she continues to wear tights even with her summer uniform and quickly scolds herself for feeling she has insulted Kiyoko's fashion.

Kiyoko assures Yachi she is not offended and explains that she has scars on her legs from when she had been on the track team as a hurdle jumper that she covers with her tights and simply became used to wearing them at all times. Yachi is impressed at hearing that Kiyoko use to jump hurdles and refers to the scars as badges of honor. Though Yachi is embarrassed as what she just said, Kiyoko likes thinking of the scars in this way.

Kiyoko tells Yachi that her middle school's track team was rather large but she found it difficult to speak with others. The same situation occurred when she joined the volleyball club as the manager and says that Yachi is the first person she's been able to speak within this manner. She encourages Yachi that they should talk like this again after Karasuno wins their first game.

The next day, everyone is gathering at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and Hinata is excited about playing in the same place as the Tiny Giant. Kageyama quickly corrects Hinata by saying the tournament used to be held in Yoyogi while Hinata claims that it was the mood he was talking about. At that moment, someone bumps into Hinata from behind and Hinata in turns runs into Nishinoya.

Group s4-e9-2.png

Nishinoya does not attempt to stop himself from falling when he sees that he is going to land right into a girl. As he silently thanks God and Hinata for this chance, the girl catches Nishinoya before he can land on her. Tanaka then approaches and greets the girl who is revealed to be Kanoka Amanai, a friend from grade school and one of the wing spikers for the Niiyama girls volleyball team. At seeing how Kanoka has grown, Tanaka suddenly freezes and Sugawara points out that Tanaka finally realized that he was speaking to a girl. Kanoka wishes them good luck in their games before hurrying to her team.

Komori soon appears and greets Kageyama. While watching the two, Sugawara and Nishinoya quickly identify Komori as the top high school libero in the nation. Kageyama questions Komori of where Sakusa is and Komori points the wing spiker out in a back corner while explaining that Sakusa cannot stand being in crowds.

While walking through the crowd, Hinata meets with Bokuto and Akaashi. Bokuto happily greets his number one pupil while Akaashi advises Hinata to tell Bokuto when to be quiet. While Bokuto is admired by other players, the ace tells Hinata that he will not show any mercy if they were to ever have a net between them to which Hinata eagerly accepts before Bokuto spots Tsukishima. At this time, Daichi hears someone ask them if they have been able to see the real Skytree and smirks when he sees the Nekoma team standing nearby. Kuroo approaches Daichi and questions if he is nervous but Daichi returns the taunt by saying that Kuroo's chattiness is a sign of his own nerves.


An announcement is then heard that the opening ceremony is about to begin. As Takeda watches as the ceremony begin and the teams start to appear, he warns Ukai that he should appear calm and Ukai tries to claim that he already is just before the representatives for Miyagi are announced. The Karasuno team walks out onto the court and take their place among the other teams as Kageyama and Hinata become filled with excitement at the chance to battle on the orange court.






Episode Notes


  • The music played by the orchestra during the opening ceremony is the opening theme for season 4 (PHOENIX by BURNOUT SYNDROMES)

Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Daichi's phone model is different is the anime and manga.
  • Manga: When the third years are getting their fortunes, two teenagers are shown attempting to speak to Kiyoko but run off after seeing Asahi and Daichi. Anime: This was skipped.
  • Manga: During the games of hanetsuki, the characters use traditionally decorated paddles. Anime They are shown using non-decorated paddles.
  • Manga: When Daichi is speaking with Ikejiri, he has several more flashbacks. Their conversation is also slightly longer. Anime: The only flashback shown is when Ikejiri spoke to Daichi after losing to Karasuno.
  • Manga: Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya and Kageyama are shown sitting next to one another on the bus. Anime: They are shown sitting in the single chair row.
  • Manga: The I'm Awesome video shows more clips of Karasuno's previous games. Anime: Only clips of Nishinoya are shown.
  • Manga: Karasuno arrives outside the Tokyo gymnasium where Hinata is bumped into by someone from the Kamomedai team. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Manga: Karasuno meets with Nekoma before they go into the gym and they are together until the opening ceremony. Anime: Karasuno and Nekoma meet just before the opening ceremony.
  • Manga: Shibayama is shown with the rest of Nekoma. Anime: He was not present.
  • Manga: When Tanaka reunites with Kanoka, there is a flashback of Hinata asking if Tanaka knew her from an earlier time during the Interhigh. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: One of Kanoka's teammates calls for her to return to the team. Anime: Kanoka leaves on her own.
  • Manga: Fukurodani, Nekoma and the Niiyama girls team are all shown walking onto the court during the team introductions. Anime: This was not shown.

OSTs Used


  • The King of the Court (Japanese: コート上の王様 Kōto jō no Ōsama) 0:30 - 1:19
  • - OP -
  • The Day Before (Japanese: 前日 Zenjitsu) 3:06 - 3:47
  • With Each New Game (Japanese: 試合を重ねるたびに Shiai o Kasaneru Tabi ni) 5:53 - 6:43
  • Failing Marks Group (Japanese: 赤点組 Akaten-gumi) 7:02 - 7:58
  • Goal (Japanese: 目標 Mokuhyō) 8:32 - 9:43
  • - eyecatch B-
  • - eyecatch A-
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  • PHOENIX -Brass Band Ver.- (Japanese: PHOENIX -吹奏楽 Ver.- PHOENIX -Suisōgaku Ver.-) 20:56 - 22:22
  • - ED -



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