"Everyone's a Competitor" (Japanese: どいつもこいつも () けずぎらい Do Itsumo Koitsu mo Makezugirai) is the one hundred seventy-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 40th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Karasuno gains momentum thanks to Hinata's efforts and perseverance. However, Shiratorizawa refuses to back down. Tsukishima, with Kageyama's help, uses a technique he learned during training camp to help Karasuno gain the coveted two-point lead.


Karasuno celebrates after Tanaka's spike puts them in the lead. Ukai praises Tanaka for supporting Hinata, and Tanaka passionately replies with a haiku about being a proper senpai. Hinata's blocks are affecting Shiratorizawa, but it's also draining his energy fast. Nevertheless, the tide is changing as Karasuno slowly gains momentum.

In the next few rallies, Karasuno holds on and protects their half-step lead. Shiratorizawa gets a free ball after Kawanishi deflects Daichi's spike. Shirabu tosses to Goshiki for the last hit. Hinata quickly runs in from the side and puts up a double block with Daichi. Kageyama knows Goshiki will use a line-shot to bypass the block and moves in place to defend. Nishinoya tosses to Asahi, who smashes it over to maintain Karasuno's lead. However, Shiratorizawa returns the favor and ties the score once again.

With Ushijima in the front row again, Shiratorizawa substitutes in Semi as a pinch server. Nishinoya receives Semi's serve, but the pass goes long. Kageyama reaches for the ball just before it flies over the net and sets for Hinata, who's already in the air ready to slam the ball down. The oddball scores with their signature quick before Shiratorizawa can react.

The Shiratorizawa crowds breath a sigh of relief when Hinata finally rotates into the back row. Yamaguchi urges Tsukishima to not lose to Hinata and earns a stern look from his friend. Karasuno switches Hinata out for Yamaguchi. Meanwhile, Tsukishima and Kageyama discuss a technique together. Ukai asks Hinata to sit down to conserve his energy.

Yamaguchi also refuses to lose to Hinata. He stands at the far corner and aims a jump floater directly at Ushijima. Reon immediately covers their ace but fails to make a clean pass. Ushijima makes the second touch, leaving the last hit to Goshiki. Goshiki is up against a triple block, but he attempts to break through by force. Tsukishima lands a one-touch, and Tanaka keeps the ball in play. Tsukishima tricks Kawanishi by using a time-delayed spike and creates the opening he needed to score. Karasuno leads the fourth set 23 - 21.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Tsukishima practiced a time-delayed spike with Akaashi during the summer training camp.



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