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"Ex-Quitter's Battle" (Japanese: (もと) 根性無 (こんじょうな) しの (たたか) Moto Konjō-Nashi No Tatakai) is the one hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 2nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


In an amazing turn of events, Tadashi uses his jump float serve to even out the score and give Karasuno a chance at taking the second set.


With the score 23-20, Tadashi is requested to make another ace. Ennoshita acknowledges that Tadashi will be alright and that he is familiar with the fact that things would only get tougher if he were to run away from it. By facing the challenge head on, Ennoshita knows that Tadashi will be alright.

Tadashi serves once more and the ball heads right for Kyōtani. As he readies to make the receive, Kyōtani is shocked to see that the ball suddenly changed trajectory and he has to dodge the ball before it hit his face. Despite trying to dodge the ball, it still hit his arm and landed out; giving Tadashi his second service ace in a row.

Saeko questions how the serve works and Shimada explains that the jump float works by the player using the momentum of their jump in addition to the ball not having a spin to it. With the ball not having a spin, the trajectory of the ball will shift and change, causing the ball to drop or change direction at any moment with no warning.

Tadashi serves once more. Hanamaki makes a surprising move by making an overhand receive, the best way to receive a jump float serve. Tadashi becomes nervous at seeing that Seijoh is now on the offence. Iwaizumi gets a spike past Kageyama and Tsukishima but Tadashi manages to save the ball by making the receive with his shoulder, determined not to have his serve be cut off yet. Kageyama sends the ball to Tsukishima who in turn does a block-out against Oikawa's hand to send the ball out.

Now one point behind Aoba Johsai, Tsukishima encourages Tadashi to do another serve. Before he can, Aoba Johsai calls for a time-out. As Tadashi is once more given praise by his team, Iwaizumi voices his astonishment for the receive he made but Oikawa believes that Tadashi making that receive was a fluke.

As he continues to watch, Shimada recalls when Tadashi announced his desire to be able to fight on his own because he wasn't able to do things like the rest of the first years on the team. He remembers how he instructed Tadashi not to give the opposing team the chance to recover the ball and to aim his serve to go just above the white belt of the net.

Tadashi does this and his serve clips the top of the net. Watari is unable to make it in time to make the receive. With this, the score is now tied 23-23.


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