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"Fear the Southpaw" (Japanese: (ひだり) ”の脅威 (きょうい) "Hidari" no Kyōi) is the one hundred fifty-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 19th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Ushijima proves to be a greater force than Karasuno has ever seen. He powers through blocks and his spikes prove to be difficult for even Nishinoya to receive thanks to his special talent.


As Ushijima is praised for his spike, Nishinoya makes a request for his team to allow him three tries to get use to Ushijima's spikes. Saeko realizes something about Ushijima that seemed off to her and points out that he is left-handed. She and Yachi realize this is why he was spiking from left since they normally see right-handed players spiking from the opposite side.

Takinoue goes on to explain that a player like Ushijima will usually not take part in defense regardless of whether they are in the front or back row, as their main focus will usually be to attack. As Ushijima spikes past the triple block once more, Saeko questions if there is anything else about Ushijima being left-handed that is a major factor other than his incredible strength. Before anyone can answer, Tanaka is able to score past Tendō and get Karasuno their first point of the set.

Takinoue and Shimada are now able to explain that, because there are more right-handed players than left-handed, the team will most likely not be use to the type of defense needed to counter. Takinoue adds that the players may have a harder time to block since they are normally use to blocking the dominant arm of someone who is right-handed and may not be able to block Ushijima's dominant hand properly which will leave a gap for attacks to get through.

Seeing that Ushijima has been given the last three sets, Ukai sees how steady Shiratorizawa's setter is as he has managed to create a gap in the score. Shiratorizawa eventually makes it to eight points first which leads to the first technical time-out. Ukai quickly reminds the blockers that they need to master the timing needed to properly block Ushijima and make him aware that there is a wall trying to stop him. After several plays, Asahi is able to get a one-touch but the ball lands out before Tanaka can save it.

As Ukai compliments how the one-touch is a good start, a flashback takes place of the team meeting where Nishinoya assures the team that as long as they have him they will be able fine. Ukai agrees and lays out a plan that he believes will work in helping them try to contain Ushijima. He explains the plan will be based on the blockers eliminating Ushijima's chance for a cross shot and force him to use a straight shot that Nishinoya will then try to receive.

In the game, the blockers are able to close off the path for a cross shot and force Ushijima to hit a straight shot. Nishinoya attempts to make the receive but the ball once more flies off his arms. Saeko becomes concerned for the team since Nishinoya wasn't able to make the receive but Akiteru believes that Nishinoya is having a hard time receiving due to the spin that is on the ball. He explains that the spin on the ball from a left-handed spiker will be different from that of a right-handed spike. Because Karasuno has mostly faced players who are right-handed, they are not use to the spin from a left-handed hit.

When Tanaka receives Goshiki's serve, the ball heads back to Shiratorizawa's side and Ushijima is sent to spike once more. He gets through the block again and puts the score at 13-5.


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