"Feeling for the First Time" (Japanese: はじめての感情 (かんじょう) Hajimete no Kanjō) is the one hundred eighty-fourth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 53rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Tsukishima returns from the infirmary when Shiratorizawa is at their match point. Hinata, as promised, bought Tsukishima time and he thanks him. The game continues and Kageyama uses a dump to even the score and Tsukishima switches back in the game with Narita. Tsukishima manages to one touch Ushijima's spike and realizes that he wants to fight until the end.


As Yachi nervously waits outside the medical station, Tsukishima is fight back the pain while remembering moments from the summer training camp of things he would come to learn. Kiyoko can easily tell that Tsukishima is making plans in his mind about what can be done for the remainder of the game.

In the gym, Yamaguchi welcomes his friend back and everyone around them notices Tsukishima's return. Before Ukai can even ask, Tsukishima informs the coach that the damage to his hand is minor and the bleeding has stopped. While his pinky finger was dislocated, it has been set in place by being taped to his ring finger and his play will barely be effected by this. Happy to see that Tsukishima has finally gotten to the point of wanting to be in the game, Ukai has Tsukishima wait on the bench until he can be sent back in. Hinata informs Tsukishima that he was able to buy him some time but admits that Yamaguchi was able to do more, earning minor gratitude from Tsukishima though the two would feel the pressure of hearing that Shiratorizawa is still at match point.

Knowing that Yunohama is a pinch server, Daichi guesses that the serve may be a jump float and has the defenders move forward. Daichi's assumptions proves to be correct and he is able to receive the jump float. Tendō suddenly spots Kageyama attempt a setter dump and is able to get a hand on it but it still scores for Karasuno. The score is now 15-15 and Narita is switched off so Tsukishima can return. Despite having been incredibly nervous while he was playing, Ukai praises Narita for being able to play like he normally does. On the court, Tsukishima notices Ushijima show a sign of apology before being welcome back by his teammates. Tsukishima wastes no time and right away informs them of a plan he has.

Though nervous at having to serve at such a moment, Asahi unleashes a powerful serve but it is received by Reon. Seeing Ushijima will get the set, Tsukishima gets in place in time to get a one-touch though the ball hit his injured hand. Tsukishima questions himself on why he is trying so hard and wanting to fight to the very end like Hinata.


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