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"First-Time Finalists" (Japanese: 決勝初心者 (けっしょうしょしんしゃ) Kesshō Shoshinsha) is the one hundred fifty-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 18th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Karasuno and Shiratorizawa begin the match to decide who will advance to Nationals.


While chasing after a loose ball, Hinata meets Reon Ōhira. Reon tosses the ball back to Hinata as the middle blockers sees a resemblance between Reon and the warrior Benkei. As Hinata heads back to his team, Satori Tendō guesses that Hinata had nicknamed Reon as Benkei though Reon claims it does not suit him. When Hayato Yamagata voices how he believed they would play against Aoba Johsai again, Tsutomu Goshiki declares that they will surely defeat their opponent regardless of who they are.

Kenjirō Shirabu quickly retorts that Goshiki is getting ahead of himself and should first prove his worth before making such statements. Tendō quickly steps in to prevent the two from arguing further and tries to keep Goshiki in high spirits by complimenting his hair style.

Ukai admits to the team that it will be natural that Ushijima will score several times and that they should focus on getting those points back.

Before the Shiratorizawa team heads onto the court, Reon tells Tendō that he should not rely on Ushijima through the game. Goshiki approaches Ushijima and states that he will use this match to prove that he is worthy of being the ace. Ushijima wishes good luck to Goshiki, an act that Goshiki seems to not have expected and Tendō attempts to cover his laugh from watching the interaction.

The two teams line-up on the court as the match is about to begin. Hinata is so caught up in his thoughts of how Karasuno could go to nationals if the win that he does not notice he is facing the wrong way in the line-up. The starting players soon take the court. In the stands, Saeko and Shimada begin to admit their nerves as Takinoue points out how Shiratorizawa has been to nationals several times and it would only be natural for their opponents to be nervous. Akiteru also points out how this will be the first time that Karasuno will be playing a five set match and Shimada adds the concern for the players stamina.

As Daichi is getting ready to serve, Takinoue and Shimada notice that Karasuno's rotation is different from how it usually is. They notice that Asahi, Kageyama, and Tsukishima are in the front row together. They assume it is so their tallest wall will be present when Ushijima is in the front.

Daichi serves but it lands out and gives Shiratorizawa the first point of the match. Taichi Kawanishi scores as service ace when Asahi and Tanaka call to make the receive but hesitate when they see the other attempt to save it. Sugawara suddenly angrily shouts for the players to calm down and not let their nerves get to them. After Sugawara is glared by the ref, the Karasuno team appear to calm themselves and are able to counter Taichi's next serve. Despite their effort, Ushijima is sent the set. He spikes past the blockers and Nishinoya attempts to make the receive but the ball ricochets off his wrists and goes out of bounds. He grins at Ushijima while recognizing him as a south-paw.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Goshiki likes to compete with Ushijima.



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