"Fistfight" (Japanese: (なぐ) () Naguriai) is the one hundred fifty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Nishinoya is able to receive Ushijima's spike as promised and gives Karasuno the chance to counter. 


Nishinoya stuns those around him when he is able to perfectly receive Ushijima's powerful spike. Kageyama goes into a spiking motion, getting Tendō and Reon to jump to block, only to switch to set to Tanaka.

Tanaka is able to get the spike to land and he and Nishinoya celebrate their accomplishment. Asahi points out how Nishinoya was able to get use to the spike by the third try as promised, inspiring Daichi in the process. Annoyed at how Kageyama was able to trick them, Shirabu points out how the first year setter is a pupil of Oikawa. This information catching Tendō's interest. Tanaka compliments Kageyama for being able to play like he normally does but laughs when Kageyama admits that there is no one who makes him as nervous as Oikawa.

As Tsukishima is subbed out and Sugawara is sent in, Izumi and Kōji notice that Hinata is finally able to play in the game. When Hinata takes his place at the net, his height and position catches the attention of Tendō.

Sugawara serves and the ball goes directly toward Ushijima but Reon makes the receive, confirming to the Karasuno team that Ushijima will not take part in defense. Hinata jumps to block Tendō but is surprised to see the third year do a delayed spike. Thanks to Tendō's spike, Sugawara is switched back out. Reon serves but Asahi correctly calls the ball to be heading out. Kageyama serves and lands a service ace, his increase in talent noticed by Izumi and Kōji. Ukai is also impressed that Kageyama and Nishinoya are able to play like normal considering they are playing against the prefecture's champion team.

Reon is able to receive Kageyama's next serve but it throws the team off balance. Shirabu sends the set to Goshiki. When he successfully lands a straight shot, he checks to see if anyone saw it but is disappointed when no one compliments him and Shirabu instead chastises him for wanting to be a show-off.

After Asahi's serve is receives, Ushijima spikes but Nishinoya receives. Faced with a double block, Daichi hits the ball against the block in a rebound attempt. Hinata and Kageyama attempt the quick attack and but are surprised to see Ushijima make the receive.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • As much as possible, Ushijima does not do serve receives, for it will make him unavailable to do back attacks. His teammates will receive for him.


  • To celebrate the ongoing Shiratorizawa Academy vs Karasuno High match and the upcoming release of the series’ 16th volume, a center color page of Kenma Kozume, Tetsurō Kuroo, and a cat passing under a cherry tree in full blossom. The text reads: “Spring in all its beauty is the best time to view the cherry blossoms. Enticed by the weather, three cats head off somewhere.”


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