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"Fistfight: Round 2" (Japanese: (なぐ) () (だい) 2ラウンド Naguriai Daini Raundo) is the one hundred eighty-first chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 50th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Eita Semi returns as the pinch server. He confesses feeling a sense of freedom when serving, something that is missing when he plays the setter position. With Shiratorizawa close to 15 points, Karasuno's fans starts getting nervous. They try to lift up their team through their enthusiastic cheers but their voices are overshadowed by Shiratorizawa's school anthem. As Wakatoshi is about to pull another strong spike, Hinata, to the surprise of many, blocks the ball by receiving it really close to the net. Karasuno finally reaches the double digits.


As Tendō is visibly annoyed that Hinata was able to spike past him, Takinoue is amazed at Hinata's bravery for using the downward spike despite that Tendō was right in front of him. On the court, Kageyama is the most surprised that Hinata went with the downward spike when he believed that their usual quick attack would have worked.

Kageyama serves again but Goshiki receives. Shirabu quickly sets to Ushijima. Ushijima is able to spike against Hinata's hand for the ball to land out and put the score at 10-8 with Shiratorizawa maintaining the lead. At Tendō's serve, Daichi is able to score. Semi substitutes in for Shirabu. Sugawara and Ukai remember how Semi has powerful serves and that this current rotation with Ushijima in the front row is Shiratorizawa's most powerful formation.

As he gets ready to serve, Semi confesses that he is aware that the reason he is not the starting setter is because of his desire to show off how strong he really is and Shirabu's reliability is what Shiratorizawa really needs. Semi still feels that he can show off his strength when it comes to serves and is able to land a no touch service ace right away.

As Karasuno takes their second time-out, Saeko notices the tense expressions of those around her and is able to encourage them that this is the time when the team needs their support most. She begins leading the Karasuno supporters in a cheer but the Shiratorizawa supporters are able to drown them out by singing the Shiratorizawa school anthem.

Semi serves again but Tanaka receives. Hinata carefully watches and spots Semi sent the set to Ushijima. He surprises everyone when he instead doesn't try to block but instead does a close net receive with his hand. The ball bounces back to Shiratorizawa's side and lands before it can be saved. With this, the score is now 10-12.


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