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"Former Lonely Tyrant" (Japanese: (だつ) ・“孤独 (こどく) 王様 (おうさま) Datsu "Kodoku no Ōsama") is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 32nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.

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Kageyama, no longer the kingly person he was in middle school, shoves off his kingly title and joins his teammates on the court as the match nears its conclusion. Both teams are persistently keeping the ball in play. As soon as the ball goes up to Kageyama, Hinata reacts fast, which triggers him to execute their quick attack in the right timing and angle. However, their attack is completely blocked, therefore concluding the winner.

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Aobajohsai is at match point and Tsukishima believes that Kageyama is secretly nervous about facing off against Oikawa though Sugawara believes that Kageyama will be fine. Oikawa himself sees that Kageyama is turning into a proper leader and how rapidly he is developing his skills, seeing that Kageyama may one day be the end of him.

Oikawa serves with a weaker hit that looks like it will land in the front row. Daichi manages to save it but in the process has thrown of their formation and prevents Hinata and Kageyama from doing the quick attack. Asahi and Hinata each call for the ball and Kageyama sends it to Asahi. The ace gets it past the block but Watari is able to dig it.

Oikawa sets to Iwaizumi but Tanaka receives. The ball goes right over the net where Kindaichi is called to do a direct spike. Seeing Hinata before him, Kindaichi knows that the other first year outdoes him in terms of speed and reflexes but is still no match when it comes to height. Kindaichi spikes past Hinata but Nishinoya receives but the ball is short.

Kageyama rushes to set the ball while Hinata begins his approach. Kageyama quickly figures out the perfect position, timing, and angle and sends the ball to Hinata. Hinata hits the ball perfectly only to be completely blocked and the ball land before anyone can save it.

Aobajohsai wins the game 33-31.

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