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"Found" (Japanese: 見つける Mitsukeru) is the fifteenth episode (and the second episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on October 9, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


With the Miya twins successfully copying the freak quick attack, Inarizaki begins to take the lead. As Karasuno struggles to find ways to stop them, Hinata is given an important task with the hope of allowing Karasuno to gain control of the game.


As Karasuno is left stunned in the wake of the Miya twins successfully copying Hinata and Kageyama's freak quick attack, Suna compliments Atsumu actually being able to make such a set. Although Atsumu admits that his accuracy is not as on point as Kageyama's, he still admits to the excitement of trying something new.

Aran happily praises the bond of trust the twins have but Osamu silently disagrees with the ace. He admits that he actually does not trust his brother, remembering times that Atsumu has never listened to him, has borrowed things without returning them, and that he is a habitual liar. Despite the lack of trust, Osamu simply knows that the ball will come.

Atsumu performs another float serve. Daichi is able to make the receive with Nishinoya sending he last hit to Asahi. The ace spikes past a double block but Akagi is able to receive which allows the twins to score once again. When Karasuno next has a chance ball off a messy receive, Atsumu figures out that Kageyama would still use a quick attack and determines that he will send the ball to Hinata. Atsumu, Suna, and Aran are able to block the attack.

Ukai calls out to Hinata and Kageyama to keep calm though Kageyama insists that he is. Coach Fuki and an associate are watching the game and the accompanying man guesses that Hinata must be getting depressed from seeing someone else perform his special technique. Fuki disagrees with that theory. He believes that Hinata most likely was not well known until he began playing with Kageyama as his setter but points out that the partnership may not last forever. Furthermore, seeing Atsumu being capable of performing the quick proves to Hinata that it's not as unique as he thinks.

After Nishinoya receives Aran's spike, Atsumu starts to figure out Kageyama's plays. He and Ōmimi are in place to block only for Hinata to perform a block-out and catch them by surprise. Hirugami and Hoshiumi are able to see that Hinata was able to see the block before him. At the same time, Ukai sees that Kageyama's earlier statement of playing like normal was indeed true and not the setter trying to act tough.

Tsukishima and Tanaka s4-e15-1.png

Atsumu's next serve clips the top of the net but Daichi is able to receive it. Tsukishima watches Suna and Osamu approaching for an attack. Seeing where Atsumu set, Tsukishima is able to block Osamu. Ukai points out that the biggest counter to the super quick is a blocker who is able to get use to it, such as Aone and Inuoka. However, Tsukishima is most likely the one blocker who hates the quick the most from seeing it nearly on a daily basis. Tsukishima voices this confirmation by admitting that he has always wanted to be able to stop the quick attack.

As the next rally goes on, Kanoka overhears spectators comment on several players on the Karasuno team but becomes annoyed at how Tanaka does not stand out for anything except being energetic. Before Asahi's next serve, Inarizaki calls a time-out where Ukai would speak with Hinata about having him commit block to one of the twins while trying to block like Inuoka.

When Asahi's serve goes into the net, the Karasuno cheer section become disheartened but Saeko tries to keep them from doing so. When Daichi receives a serve, Bokuto notices that Tsukishima is getting ready to make a running approach. Kageyama sets the ball high in the air, silently challenging Tsukishima to make the jump to reach it. Annoyed from realizing Kageyama's plan, Tsukishima is able to reach the ball and spike past Suna and Osamu. Afterwards, the two first years glare at one another and Ennoshita is able to easily decipher that the two do not want to compliment the other. As Hinata rotates back into the front row, Kinoshita is sent to serve when Tsukishima moves to the back.

Kinoshita s4-e15-2.png

With Kinoshita's nerves clearly showing, Ukai states the teen's age as well as those of the Inarizaki receivers to remind Kinoshita that they are not playing against college players or adults. With new confidence, Kinoshita serves a jump float. Akagi manages to receive the ball when Hinata is spotted chasing after Osamu. With a running approach to add height to his block, Hinata is able to fully block the spike. His excitement of having successfully blocked Osamu diminishes when Kageyama claims that it was just luck and that Hinata is more surprised than anyone that his block worked. Kinoshita's next serve is received and stopped. He leaves the court upset that he couldn't force Atsumu to make a receive and that he could have tried to aim for a tougher spot.

Hinata attempts to stop Osamu again but misses. Daichi is able to make the receive and Nishinoya follows with another receive but the ball goes right over the net. Kinoshita watches the play being carried out and acknowledges the difference in strength between himself and the players of Inarizaki. While he is aware that he cannot measure up to them, Kinoshita is confident that the odd-ball first years can. At this, Hinata makes a running approach and is faced against Osamu in a joust. The second year is able to beat Hinata with ease and admits that Hinata is not as tough as he originally believed, angering Hinata. Tsukishima admits he is not surprised at how the joust ended, stating that Inarizaki has more experience than they do but believes that Hinata is probably feeling stressed from how it turned out.

Karasuno calls a time-out. Ukai points out that Inarizaki is starting to get use to the freak quick attack and now they should deploy the 'blend in' tactic. Hinata acts like he remembers the plan but is quickly called out on clearly having forgotten what to do. Tsukishima especially criticizes Hinata about getting caught up with seeing the Miya twins copy the freak quick and comparing it to his own.

The game continues and each team continues to save and return the ball for several plays. Tanaka is eventually blocked by Aran and Ōmimi but Karasuno would get the point when Aran is pointed out to have touched the net in the process due to putting too much strength in trying to block. Atsumu and Osamu begin bickering when Atsumu accuses Osamu of slacking off and being afraid of Hinata. When Osamu states that he is not scared of Hinata, the first year is offended but seems to accept that he is not scary as a blocker. While waiting for the rally to begin, Hinata mentally goes over blockers who he believes are intimidating when faced one-on-one. He thinks of Aone but decides everyone at Date Tech is scary and usually block with two or three blockers at a time.

Group s4-e15-3.png

Hinata remembers all of the blockers he has faced before and tries to figure out whose block he finds the most annoying. He is able to remember one particular blocker and channels their blocking method when Osamu goes to spike. Osamu hits a straight shot that Nishinoya was able to receive head on. Osamu right away noticed that he was forced to hit a straight. Hinata then holds back and joins in a synchronized attack. With Inarizaki not knowing who will be attacking, Daichi is able use their hesitation to spike and score. Right after, Nishinoya questions Hinata if the way he blocked was intentional. Hinata admits it was and refers to Matsukawa as the person whose blocking he hates most. On a train, Matsukawa sneezes as Hanamaki warns him not to catch a cold. When Hinata chases after Kageyama who tries to ignore his statement of no longer just being about offense, Osamu makes a comment about starting to feel hungry.

When Inarizaki calls a time-out, Fuki comments how the game looks like newcomers challenging veterans but Inarizaki is actually the one having trouble handling Karasuno for the time being. Fuki assumes that Ukai is aware of this as too but is doing well in keeping things balanced but the real struggle may come when those surprises stop. Inarizaki's players begin to worry about what they will do is Hinata continues to join in synchronized attacks when Coach Norimune Kurosu warns them putting their focus on Hinata will only cause them to fall into Karasuno's trap. He reminds them to continue using their read blocking which will pay off more in the later part of the game.

Kageyama makes the next serve but Osamu is able to make the receive. Akagi sends Aran the last hit. Even faced with a triple block, Aran is able to get past them with a powerful spike that Nishinoya comments to Asahi as a type of spike he should do all the time. When Aran is next to serve, Sugawara pleads for the team to stop him at one. Tanaka is able to make the receive. Hinata sends an emergency set to Asahi and feels proud that he was able to do a decent set.

Asahi prepares to spike and looks to be getting ready to put a great amount of power into the spike but suddenly tips the ball over the block, a move that impresses Bokuto. As Hinata moves to the back row, Sugawara notices how excited Hinata seems to be and guesses it must be from wanting to be on defense. However, Hinata's excitement ends when he notices Yamaguchi is being sent in to serve in his place. Though on the brink of tears, Hinata encourages Yamaguchi to score ten points.

As he makes his way to serve, Yamaguchi takes note of everything he does and the plan of aiming his serve toward Aran in hopes of getting him down to his knees to keep him from attacking. Remember how he used an exit sign to reset his nerves, Yamaguchi looks for the same sign he used during the game against Tsubakihara Academy but panics when he sees the exit sign is being blocked by a banner from another school.

Shimada s4-e15-1.png

Feeling overwhelmed by his nerves and all of the distractions around him, Yamaguchi tries to find something else to use as a reset point but is so wrought with nerves that he is unable to find anything. Suddenly, Shimada is heard shouting to Yamaguchi from underneath the blocked exit sign and holding up a bag from the Shimada Mart. Using the bag as his new reset point, Yamaguchi is able to calm himself and serves. Aran attempts to receive the ball but is unable to and thus puts Karasuno in the lead. With encouragement from his team, Yamaguchi delivers another serve.






Episode Notes

Character Revelations


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: After the Miya twins perform the super quick, Akaashi mentions how copying such an attack can add mental pressure on an opponent. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Anime: When Asahi spikes Nishinoya's set, Inarizaki counters and Osamu scores. Manga: Asahi is able to score and then goes to serve. About half a chapter's worth of plays also takes place afterwards. 
    • Manga: When Asahi is preparing to serve, he remembers a trick that Ukai taught him of being able to ease his muscles to have better control of his strength. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Manga: After Hinata is blocked by Atsumu, Suna, and Aran, the Aoba Johsai team are shown waching the match in the school computer lab and make a few appearances during the duration of the game. Anime: As of episode fourteen, the Aoba Johsai team and several others are part of the end credits.
  • Manga: After Fuki points out that Hinata's expression is not that of depression, Atsumu notices that Hinata is glaring at him. Anime: This is not shown. 
  • Manga: When Tsukishima blocks Osamu, Saeko is seen questioning why Akiteru is not present and will surely be upset at not seeing his brother play. Suguru and Mika are also seen right after the play as Suguru explains to Mika how Tsukishima was able to block Osamu. Yamaguchi also make a comment about Tsukishima not always being able to be in the front and annoys Hinata when he points out that Hinata still falls for decoys. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Anime: During Inarizaki's time-out, Ukai discusses with Hinata that he should try commit blocking Osamu while trying to block like Inuoka. Manga: The meeting is shown as a flashback after Hinata rotates back in just before Kinoshita is sent in to serve. Also not shown in the anime is when Atsumu mocks how Karasuno's block is now weaker after Hinata goes in. 
  • Manga only: After Akagi makes the receive on Kinoshita's serve, an extension of the conversation Ukai has with Hinata is shown. Parts of the flashback also take place slightly earlier in the anime.
  • Manga: During most of the match, Kita is seen with his team jacket on his shoulders. Anime: He does not have the jacket.
  • Manga: When Hinata remembers all of the blockers he has been faced with, Lev is shown wearing his practice cloths. Anime: He is shown wearing his Nekoma jersey.
  • Manga: When Sugawara points out Hinata's excitement in playing defense, there are flashback of Hinata attempting to make receives at different points in time after the first year training camp. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: A flashback is shown of Yamaguchi and Shimada talking after the first match of the tournament. Shimada is also shown rushing to get to the point for Yamaguchi to use the store bag as a reset point before he can serve after noticing the exit sign is blocked. Hinata also remembers when Yachi was taping the net back at Karasuno to help the players perfect their aiming. Anime: This was not shown.

OSTs Used


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