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"Fresh" (Japanese: 新鮮 (しんせん) Shinsen) is the one hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 45th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


In a flashback, Tendō asked Ushijima why he started playing volleyball. Ushijima explained that his father, a former pro volleyball player, taught him since he was young. His father instilled in him the continued need to grow as a player.

Back to the present, Karasuno takes advantage of their momentum but Shiratorizawa fights back; Ushijima shows why he is one of the country's best players. The game is tied 4-4.


During lunch at Shiratorizawa Academy, Tendō sits with Ushijima and asks if he has seen the new Ring movie. When Ushijima answers that he hasn't, Tendō begins to talk about the leading actress he thinks is attractive. Their interaction is noticed by Semi and Reon with Reon stating that Tendō is the only person who could approach Ushijima so easily and talk to him so excitedly about a television program.

Tendō questions Ushijima about why he plays volleyball when it appears like he doesn't seem to enjoy in things he does. Ushijima answers that his father, Takashi Utsui, taught him how to play when he was a child. Ushijima remembers when he was young and his mother was telling his father that Ushijima's left-handedness needed to be corrected. Ushijima's father protests against this, saying that the very thing that makes his son different will surely be his greatest strength in the future.

When Tendō further asks about Ushijima's father, Ushijima reveals that his father played on a division two team but retired from an injury he received shortly before marrying into his wife's family; this being the reason that Wakatoshi has the last name Ushijima instead of Utsui. Ushijima's parent's are now divorced and his father currently lives overseas which causes Ushijima to not see his father very often. Reon informs them that the generation of Shiratorizawa that Ushijima's father belonged to was the most successful the school has seen. When Tendō questions if Ushijima wants to be like his father, Ushijima says that he never thought of such a thing but has another reason. He remembers when his father told him about the team ace he played with who was hailed to be the best ace of all at the time. The ace had impressive height but also had great abilities that made anyone think 'as long as I toss to him, we will definitely score.'. This was Ushijima's reason to want to play volleyball.

Back in the game, Ikkei overhears spectators discuss the recent play while he himself had noticed that Nishinoya is not use to setting but was still brave enough to try tossing to someone. Shiratorizawa calls for their first time-out where Washijō simply tells the players to get the points back. Right after, Ushijima notes that he's never seen a libero set before. Tendō sees that Ushijima was impressed by Nishinoya's set but guesses that he's still unnerved by Hinata. When Ushijima says that he's not fearful of the middle blocker, Tendō explains that he believes Ushijima does not like Hinata because he's so unpredictable and that feeling of not knowing what will happen next is what usually causes people to be fearful which may be something that is new to Ushijima.

Asahi serves. The ball clips the net but lands before anyone can save it and puts Karasuno ahead by three points. With the Shiratorizawa student's getting nervous at the thought of losing, Asahi serves again but Goshiki is able to receive. This allows Shirabu to set to Ushijima and the ace is able to spike past a triple block. Ushijima next serves and is able to get a service ace when Asahi is unable to receive the ball properly. Ushijima serves again with Daichi making the receive. Asahi and Sugawara get the ball over and force Shirabu to make the first touch.

Tendō appears to attempt a direct spike and gets Tsukishima to jump in the attempt to block only for Tendō to set to Ushijima instead. Ushijima spots Nishinoya waiting for the spike and changes to a cross shot and scores. With this, Shiratorizawa has caught up to Karasuno in the score.

Remembering how his father told him that if he joined a strong team and met strong players that would help him grow stronger, Ushijima quotes Tendō by saying that he is getting fired up.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Ushijima’s family tried to change his left-handedness but his father objected and pleaded them to leave it alone.
  • Takashi was a professional volleyball player in the 2nd league before being forced to retire due to injury.



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