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Fukurō Hirugami (Japanese: 昼神 (ひるがみ) 福郎 (ふくろう) Hirugami Fukurō) is a middle blocker and the captain of the Schweiden Adlers, a Division 1 V.League team.

He is the older brother of Sachirō Hirugami and Shōko Hirugami.


Hirugami has short, wavy hair and a short scruffy beard. He also has dark eyebrows and sideburns which indicate he possibly dyes his hair. He has a tall and muscular build.


Not much is known about Hirugami's personality, but he is likely a responsible individual, being the captain of the Schweiden Adlers. He does show some joy when he is able to block his opponents.


Final Arc

Hirugami makes his debut when he makes his appearance alongside the Adlers in the match against the MSBY Black Jackals. In the first rally of the game, he attempts to help stop Hinata's quick attack but the Jackals' new addition was able to spike above their block to gain the first point. Afterwards, he voices his amazement at the speed of the attack. Hirugami would again attempt to stop Hinata when he and Atsumu unleashed their new super quick attack but the speed proved to be too fast for him.

As the Adlers lead 3-2, Hirugami is next to serve and does so the moment the referee blows the whistle, much to the annoyance of Shūgo Meian. The Jackals were able to counter and cut off his serve. Midway into the set, Hirugami notices Hinata rushing to one side of the court. This momentary delay distracts Hirugami long enough to be late to block when Meian was given the set to spike. To his annoyance, he hears Atsumu express how great the play felt. Eventually, the Jackals are able to win the first set.

During the second set, Hirugami continues to attempt blocking the opposing spikers and manages to get in a few attacks of his own while occasionally acting as a decoy. At the start of the third set, Hirugami is able to right away block Meian's spike but the Jackals captain soon gets his revenge when he gets the ball past Hirugami's block.

Later in the set, Bokuto is spotted by several people getting ready to attempt a block-out. Hirugami and Romero notice this as well and are able to lower their arms in time which causes Bokuto's spike to go out. Despite causing Bokuto to lose a point, Hirugami receives praise from the ace player for his ability to see what he was planning and being able to turn things around[1]. Near the end of the set, Hirugami is the only one attempting to stop Hinata when he uses his left hand to make a direct spike but is unable to stop him.

During the fourth set, Hinata is able to completely block Hoshiumi. Hirugami suspects that Hoshiumi is the only one of the Adlers that isn't used to playing against someone smaller than him and therefore didn't expect Hinata to pop up to block him. He is later able to block Bokuto's spike and, for majority of the rest of the set, Hirugami continues trying to block the Jackals spikers. When the Jackals reach match point, he and Kageyana momentarily have their attention focused on Hinata when he rushes to the far side of the court. This gives enough time for Atsumu to set to Bokuto on the opposite end as the two men would be late to block and win the game for the Jackals.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Hirugami is shown to be a capable blocker. He has demonstrated a high level ability of reading what his opponents will attempt and being able to figure out the best counter option, such as when he lowered his arms in time when Bokuto attempted a block-out.


  • The first characters in his and his brother's name combine to make "幸福" (kōfuku), meaning happiness.
  • Nomenclature 
    • Fukurō (福郎) - Fortune, Son
    • Hirugami (昼神) - Midday, God