Fukurō Hirugami (Japanese: 昼神 (ひるか) 福郎 (みふく ろう) Hirugami Fukurō) is a middler blocker and the captain of the Schweiden Adlers, a Division 1 V-League team. He is also the older brother of Sachirō Hirugami.

Appearance Edit

Hirugami has wavy hair and is of a tall and athletic build. 

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Hirugami's personality but he is likely a responsible individual, being the captain of the Schweiden Adlers. 


Final ArcEdit

MSBY Black Jackals Vs. Schweiden Adlers Edit

Hirugami is first introduced in the MSBY Black Jackals Vs. Schweiden Adlers match as their captain and a middle blocker.[1] 

Set 1Edit

Hirugami serves and the ball is received by Hinata. Shūgo Meian notes that Hirugami tends to serve right as the whistle blows.[2] Later on, Meian gets a spike past Hirugami which irritates the latter.[3] On the last point of the first set, Hinata sets to Bokuto who spikes it past Hirugami and the other blockers. Thus, the first set goes to the Black Jackals. 

Set 2Edit

Near the start of the set, Adriah Tomas gets a point past Hirugami's block. Later, after Kageyama serves a third time, Kiyoomi Sakusa is able to bump it to Hinata who spikes it past Hirugami and Wakatoshi Ushijima. However, Heiwajima digs the ball and Kageyama looks like he is about to set it. Kageyama has the choice between Hirugami, Romero, Hoshiumi and Ushijima but he does a setter dump.  Afterwards, on Atsumu Miya's second serve, Hoshiumi brings it up to Kageyama, who sets to Romero while Hirugami acts as a decoy. Romero's attack bounces off the blocks which Hinata receives. Meian goes in for a quick attack which Hoshiumi receives. Kageyama than proceeds to set the ball to Hirugami who scores the point. 

Later, Heiwajima receives a ball which Kageyama sets to Hirugami, who once again scores a point. Kageyama is said to be toying around with the Black Jackals defense. 

Set 3 Edit
Hirugami and Meian - Manga 390

Hirugami blocks Meian's spike.

The third set starts with Kageyama's serve which is received by Hinata. Miya proceeds to set the ball to Meian, who is subsequently blocked by Hirugami. Kageyama's second serve is a no-touch ace.

His third serve is received by Shion Inunaki. Miya proceeds to set another quick to Meian who, this time, spikes it past Hirugami and gets the point. 

Later in the game, Miya sets to Bokuto who hits the ball past Hirugami. The commenters make note of how Miya is toying with the Adler's blockers as his setting is so easy to hit and the blockers can't tell who he is going to set to. When it is Miya's turn to serve, he gets a service ace. On his second serve, Hoshiumi receives it and Kageyama sets to Romero. Romero's spike is received by Sakusa after it reflected off the blocks. Miya than sets the ball to Bokuto, who spikes it past Hirugami and the other blockers. However, the spike was out. It is than Romero's turn to serve, and Hinata recieves the serve. Miya sets to Bokuto again who gets a sharp cross shot in while Hirugami and Ushijima attempt to block. As the game proceeds, Bokuto gets another spike past Hirugami and Ushijima, maki
Fukuro Hirugami and Bokuto - Manga 393

Hirugami lowers his block.

ng it Miya's turn to serve again. Hoshiumi receives Miya's serve and Hirugami hits a spike, which Meian gets a one-touch on. Miya receives that ball, passing to Inunaki. Inunaki than bumps the ball to Bokuto, who goes for a block out. However, Hirugami quickly lowers his arms just in time, causing Bokuto's spike to end up out. 


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  • His younger brother is Sachirō Hirugami who was on the Kamomedai High volleyball team and is currently a veterinary student.
  • His younger sister, Shokō, is an opposite hitter for the Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits.
  • The first characters in he and his brother's name combine to make "幸福", meaning happiness.
  • Nomenclature 
    • Fukurō (福郎) - Fortune
    • Hirugami (昼神) - Day God

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