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Fukurōdani Academy (Japanese: 梟谷 (ふくろうだに) 学園 (がくえん) Fukurōdani Gakuen) is a private high school in Tokyo.


Male Uniforms as worn by Bokuto and Akaashi.

Fukurōdani, like most Japanese schools, has a uniform and dress code. The male uniform is a "catholic" style uniform. It consists of a white collared shirt, striped blue and white tie, grey blazer and black pants. The female uniform has been partially shown in the manga. It consists of a collared shirt, skirt, and ribbon.

Fukurōdani Volleyball Uniform

The boys' volleyball club's jacket is white with black trim on the hem and cuffs and two black and gold stripes on the front. The sweatpants are white with a black and gold v-strip down each side. The jerseys are white with gold accents, black sides and short sleeves, the "ics" logo, and "Fukurōdani" written in kanji. During practice matches, the members wear dark blue t-shirts and white shorts.

During official matches, they wear their team jersey and black shorts with a gold stripe on each side. The libero wears a contrasting uniform; a black jersey with details in white and gold[1]. When playing against a team with similar colors, majority of the Fukurōdani players will wear jerseys that are mostly white with gold and black accents while the libero will wear a white jersey with black sleeves.

For the summer training camp, the managers of the boys' volleyball club wore a light blue t-shirt and light grey sweatpants.

Volleyball Team

The Fukurōdani Academy Group, from left to right: Nekoma, Fukurōdani (top), Ubugawa (bottom), and Shinzen

The boys' volleyball team is currently a top four team in Tokyo and the ace of the team, Bokuto, is one of the top five aces in the nation, just barely missing the top three. Additionally, the volleyball team has gone to Nationals each of the last three years, coinciding with the ace's attending years. At the 2013 Spring Tournament, they managed to defeat Mujinazaka High, a Top 4 team, in the quarter-finals and later finished as the runners up after losing to Ichibayashi High.

Fukurōdani's most notable players are Bokuto, the captain and one of the Top 5 aces in the nation, and Akaashi, the team's setter and vice-captain.

Fukurōdani's team is also a member of the Fukurōdani Academy Group, which is composed of teams from the Kanto Region. For years, the schools have been holding summer training camps and practice matches with one another.

The school's official representative is an owl, coinciding with Bokuto's appearance and name.


Name Position Year Status
Takeyuki Yamiji Coach ? Active
? Coach / Teacher Advisor ? Active
Yukie Shirofuku Manager 3rd Year Active
Kaori Suzumeda Manager 3rd Year Active

Name Number Position Year Status
? #1 ? ? Active
Tatsuki Washio #2 Middle Blocker 3rd Year Active
Yamato Sarukui #3 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter 3rd Year Active
Kōtarō Bokuto #4 Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace 3rd Year Active
Keiji Akaashi #5 Vice-Captain / Setter 2nd Year Active
? #6 ? ? Active
Akinori Konoha #7 Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter 3rd Year Active
? #8 ? ? Active
? #9 ? ? Active
Shūichi Anahori #10 Setter 1st Year Active
Haruki Komi #11 Libero 3rd Year Active
Wataru Onaga #12 Middle Blocker 1st Year Active
? #13 ? ? Active
? #14 ? ? Active
? #? Libero ? Active

Former Members

Name Number Position Current Age
? #4 ? 18-19

Practice Matches

  • Owls vs Cats (?:? / ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??) (Score was 15-16 during 7th set)

Summer Training Camp

Fukurōdani played several sets against Karasuno, Nekoma, Shinzen, and Ubugawa (51 wins, 14 losses)

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (25-16)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (?:?)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (25-12)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (25-14)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (25-22)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Nekoma High School (25-22)
  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Karasuno High School (25-23)

Past Matches

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Kawahori High School (1:2 / ??, ??, 18-25)

Kanto Region High School Volleyball Tournament (2011)

Unknown Round

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Kawahori High School (2:? / ??, ??, ??) (Score was 17-14 during 1st set)

Interhigh Nationals (2012)

Quarter Final

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs ??? (?:2 / ??)

Spring High-Tokyo Representative Playoffs (2012)

After placing within the top four during the preliminaries, Fukurōdani proceeded to the representative playoffs held in mid-November.

For the representative playoffs, Fukurōdani played at Sumida City Gymnasium along with Nohebi Academy, Itachiyama, and Nekoma. After losing to Itachiyama in the finals, they became Tokyo Prefecture's Second Representative for Spring Tournament.



Spring High National Tournament (2013)

For nationals, Fukurōdani wasn't exempt from the first round.

First Round

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Eiwa High School [Miyazaki] (2:0 / 25-22, 25-21)
  • Their first match was played on Court E as it's the fourth match of the day.

Second Round

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Morikawa High [Hokkaido] (2:0 / 28-26, 25-21)

Third Round

Quarter Final

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Mujinazaka High [Oita] (2:1 / 23-25, 25-22, 25-22)
  • Their Quarter-Final match was played on Court C.



  • Fukurōdani Academy vs Ichibayashi High [Fukuoka] (2:3 / 18-25, 25-21, 26-24, 23-25, 13-15)
  • Their match was played on Center Court.

Spring High National Tournament (2014)

Second Round

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs ??? (?:2 / ??)[2]

Spring High National Tournament (2015)

Third Round

  • Fukurōdani Academy vs ??? (?:2 / ??)[2]


  • In accordance with the team representative, Bokuto and Akaashi dubbed their team the "Owls" during their mini-practice matches against Kuroo, Tsukishima and Lev during the Tokyo Expedition Arc.
  • During the Spring High-Tokyo Representative Playoffs, the boys' volleyball team was cheered on by the school's students, cheerleaders and band.
  • Although it seems like Bokuto and Akaashi are the main players of Fukurōdani, other players: Konoha, Komi, Sarukui etc. are also outstanding players, able to hold the other team off until Bokuto gets back into shape.
  • Fukuro (梟) in Fukurōdani translates to owl in English.
  • Fukurōdani has participated in the Spring High tournament 28 times and this time is their 7th consecutive appearance.
  • Fukurōdani's official banner reads "一球入魂" ("Ikkyū nyūkon") which translates to "Pour all your soul into each ball."
  • In the anime and manga, Fukurōdani has a libero shown to wear the #10 jersey. However, first-year setter Shūichi Anahori is later shown to be wearing the #10 jersey during Fukurōdani's match against Mujinazaka High. It is unknown if this is an error or a number switch.
  • In the manga, Fukurōdani is placed on the left side of the Spring Tournament bracket, along with Mujinazaka and Itachiyama. However, in the anime, Fukurōdani is placed on the upper right side of the bracket, meaning they would face Kamomedai in the semifinals.
    • It's unknown if this is a corrected error in the manga or anime.