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His height is exactly what gives him wings.
- Fumi Enaga regarding Hoshiumi

Fumi Enaga (Japanese: 柄長 (えなが ) 二三 (ふみ) Enaga Fumi ) is a sports journalist covering volleyball games throughout the series.


Enaga has dark olive-brown colored hair, roughly shoulder length that she normally keeps styled in a ponytail. She also appears to be rather short in height, standing just a few inches shorter than Kōrai Hoshiumi.

After the time skip, she has cut her hair to be roughly chin length.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

Enaga first appears in the Spring Interhigh Tournament, rushing to interview Hoshiumi after Kamomedai's first match of the tournament[1]. Because of the way she questioned the young ace, Hoshiumi asks if she is only interviewing him due to his small height, to which she is unable to respond. Hoshiumi makes a speech regarding height and volleyball but is then forced to apologize to Enaga by Hirugami because he was "ranting".

Final Arc

Enaga is one of several journalists covering the Schweiden Adlers vs MSBY Black Jackals match and has intern Akane Yamamoto with her during the game[2]. After the match ended, she approaches Hoshiumi to ask what he thinks of Hinata and the changes he's made since they last faced each other. When the same question was asked of her, she admits that she found Hinata's improved balance and core stability have allowed him to do many things during the game. Hoshiumi agrees and Enaga is surprised to hear him admit that Hinata is currently just a bit better than he is but marvels in that he also agrees when she states Hoshiumi has found an excellent rival.

Enaga is later shown observing the 2021 Olympic match between Argentina and Japan with Akane[3].


  • "See, I'd built this dramatic story in my head that he was a brave young player, valiantly fighting on despite his handicap. But it's not about how he's overcoming any handicap. His height is exactly what gives him wings." (About Hoshiumi, Volume 44 Chapter 393)


  • She has been following Hoshiumi's volleyball career for six years (since she first interviewed him). 
  • Nomenclature
    • Fumi (二三) - two three
    • Enaga (柄長) - long-tailed bushtit