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Gō Akaizawa (Japanese: 赤井沢 (あかいざわ) (ごう) Akaizawa Gō) is a wing spiker who plays for the team Kaji Wild Dogs.


Gō is a tall, muscular man with short, dark hair, long eyelashes and sharp eyebrows.


Not much is known about him, but he appears to be quite competitive. When Akiteru notes his brother's growth as a blocker, he thinks happily that Gō would be annoyed.


Gō is the oldest member of Akiteru's current team, the Kaji Wild Dogs.


Tokyo Expedition Arc

Kei Tsukishima goes to practice with his brother's team for the Spring High and is paired up against Gō so the former could improve his blocking abilities.[1] Initially, Gō easily spikes past Tsukishima, injuring his fingers in the process. As Tsukishima's bandaging them, he glances at Gō to see him smirking back, as if challenging Tsukishima to try blocking him one more time. Accepting the challenge, Tsukishima gets back into position. Eventually, to Gō's displeasure, Tsukishima does succeed.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He doesn't seem to be an outstanding player, but his spikes are powerful enough to cause injury to opposing blockers.


Akiteru Tsukishima

Akiteru claims that he loves riling Gō up and often challenges him by bringing up his little brother, telling him that Kei will be knocking down his spikes before he knows it. Akiteru also describes Gō as an annoying old man,[2] but someone who can be relied upon and is a good senpai at heart. He also asked Gō for advice on where to find sports glasses for Kei.

Kei Tsukishima

During the summer, Kei trained with Gō and the Kaji Wild Dogs for his Spring High competition. This experience helped him grow as a blocker and find ways to go up against guys that are stronger than him. During his match against Shiratorizawa, he remembered his matches against Gō as motivation.[3] Despite the competitive nature of their relationship, Gō seems to have taken a liking to Kei[4]and jokingly calls him "Lil' Bro Shima".[5] Since Kei is too young to drink with him and his team, he instead invited him to a BBQ the next time Kei comes to their training. However, one weekend, Kei didn't come and Gō got upset, thinking that his teasing drove Kei away; Akiteru assured him it was because his brother had away games in Tokyo that weekend.


  • Favorite Food: Hayashi rice.
  • Current Concern: His receding hairline.
  • The kanji used in his given name is the same as in Tsuyoshi Matsushima's, but the readings are different.


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