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"Gears" (Japanese: 歯車 (はぐるま) Haguruma) is the ninety-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 8th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


With the team being in great condition, Hinata and Kageyama complete the very first gear that connects the team together, by pulling off their perfected and much awaited new quick strike.


At a bar with the team coaches, Ukai and Takeda are discussing how the training camp has gone. Ukai theorizes that if Karasuno had been in the condition during the camp as they were in their match against Aoba Johsai, it's possible they could have left this camp with more wins. Despite this, Ukai sees that Hinata and Kageyama recognized their limits and had decided to change things.

Takeda sees this as a good thing. He compares each player to being like a gear in a machine. Alone they are not able to do much but when put together they could become a great force. Coach Nekomata questions Takeda if he thinks Karasuno can win so easily against Nekoma only for Takeda to reply that Karasuno will take their time and then win.

Back in the match between Karasuno and Fukurōdani, Asahi tries to land a spike but it's received by Akinori Konoha. Fukurōdani is thrown out of formation but Akaashi is still able to set the ball to Wataru Onaga for a clean quick attack.

With Fukurōdani gaining the point and changing the rotation, Bokuto is now in the front row. With the current rotation, Bokuto is faced against Tsukishima, Asahi and Kageyama trying to block him. Despite being faced with Karasuno's highest wall, Bokuto performs a cross shot that gets past the blockers easily. Bokuto excitedly celebrates his cross shot as Takeda notices that the players around Bokuto seem to become more inspired. Ukai believes Bokuto is the type of players that inspires others around him whether they are his own teammates or opponents.

As the game continues, Takeda notices how the Karasuno players seem to be in top condition. Kageyama especially seems to be in good condition when he pulls off a setter dump. Kageyama himself notices how well his condition is and notices Hinata and the rest of the team is feeling the same way. He starts to wonder if now would be the time to try the new quick attack but remembers how Ukai instructed them not to use it in the rest of their games.

Kageyama and Ukai notice Hinata starting his approach early and wonder if he wants to attempt the new quick. Kageyama is afraid of trying it in case it fails and they throw off the good rhythm the team has gotten into but soon feels Hinata's presence asking if they will try the set. After remembering his training to master the new set, Kageyama sends the falling set to Hinata.

Hinata hits the ball perfectly and scores, silencing everyone who is watching. Hinata and Kageyama face each other before suddenly bursting in excitement that they managed to pull off the new quick before Kageyama unexpectedly starts scolding Hinata for not giving him a heads up to prepare for the new quick.

Bokuto believes that the regular quick has finally returned only for Akaashi to correct him and say that this quick was something else entirely. Takeda smiles as he sees the first gear has fallen into place.


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  • In celebration of the upcoming premiere of the anime, a center color page Kageyama, Hinata, Tanaka, Yachi, Taketora, Lev, Bokuto, Akaashi, Kenma, and Kuroo in traditional Asian warrior costumes with their school mascots. The text reads: “Volleyball with your lives on the line!! Attack, oh warriors with matching beast corps!!”


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