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"Going Home!" (Japanese: 帰国 (きこく) ! Kikoku!) is the three hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 3rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Hinata's journey in Brazil comes to an end. With valuable experiences and skills, Hinata heads back to Japan ready to tackle the professional level. The team he is aiming for is none other than MSBY Black Jackals.


While eating out, Hinata questions why Heitor doesn't set overhand much in official games. Heitor replies that he finds it difficult and risks the chance of being penalized due to the strict overhand rules in beach volleyball. When asked if he preferred to spike from overhand sets, Hinata expresses his gratitude for all tosses given to him.

In the present, Heitor successfully follows up Hinata's receive and sends the ball back to the other side. Carvalho spikes, but Hinata saves it again. Heitor, wanting to give Hinata the best toss, resorts to using a rare overhand set. However, he sends the ball too close to the net, allowing Carvalho to push the ball down before Hinata could spike it across. Santos and Carvalho earn the final set point and emerge as the victors. Afterwards, Heitor talks to Nice and attempts to convey his intention of proposing the next time he wins a game. However, Nice cuts him off and unexpectedly proposes to him instead. Heitor eagerly accepts while the bystanders cheer for the couple.

For his remaining time in Brazil, Hinata continues his training and part-time job. In March of 2018, Hinata heads back to Japan, and all his friends in Brazil come to see him off at the airport. After bidding farewell to them, Hinata takes his leave. Nice wonders what Hinata will do now. Pedro reveals that Hinata will seek out V.League teams and begin trying out, starting with MSBY Black Jackals.

Meanwhile in the Black Jackals' locker room, Atsumu is sulking after his jokes fell flat and humiliated himself during the fan-meeting the day prior. In contrast, his teammate Bokuto is high-spirited and in top shape.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Pedro is a fan of Kenma, who's known by his online alias Kodzuken, and wants his autograph.
  • Atsumu and Bokuto are teammates in MSBY Black Jackals, a Divison 1 V-League team.
  • Hinata will start trying out for V-League teams once back in Japan.


  • In the original Japanese text, MSBY Black Jackal is written in the singular form. Viz Media changes the team name to plural and has it as MSBY Black Jackals.


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