Golden Child (Japanese: (きん) 赤子 (あかご) Kin No Akago) is the one hundred twenty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 44th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Date Tech is catching up to Aoba Johsai in the second set as Koganegawa starts to get his rhythm thanks to his teammates.


Koganegawa attempts another setter dump but Watari once more receives it. Kindaichi counters with a spike and scores. Futakuchi scolds Koganegawa for being obvious in what he is attempting. Koganegawa admits that he does setter dumps so much because he thinks they're cool and Futakuchi tells him that he doesn't always need to try to do a fake-out.

Oikawa serves and lands an ace. His next serve is dug by Futakuchi. Ennoshita voices how it seems clear that Aoba Johsai is the stronger team in this match but Sugawara adds how Date Tech is putting up a good fight. He adds that Koganegawa is a good weapon in some ways despite his experience and has the potential to become a feared opponent.

Date Tech's libero, Sakunami remembers when Koganegawa joined the team after the third years retired and Coach Oiwake asked Sakunami to help guide Koganegawa since he does not have much experience on the court.

Sakunami receives Kindaichi's spike and gets it high in the air where Koganegawa will be able to set best. Koganegawa also recalls when Oiwake told him that he does not need to do anything complicated and just keep the ball at a high point. Koganegawa taps the ball and makes it look like it is just hanging in the air long enough for Aone to spike.

Aoba Johsai eventually reaches twenty-three points and the Date blockers pay close attention to which spike may get Oikawa's set. Oikawa surprises everyone when he instead does a setter dump and brings them to match point.

Futakuchi tries to keep his team in high spirits by telling them that they still have a chance to win the set. When Hanamaki serves, Daichi and Asahi realize that Oikawa is no longer the only one on the Seijoh team with a powerful serve. Futakuchi deflects a spike off Matsukawa.

With the change in rotation, Oikawa is unsettled that Koganegawa is now in the front row. Moniwa is confident that Date Tech will be able to handle any oncoming attack with Futakuchi, Aone, and Koganegawa in the front row; calling this the strongest wall in the prefecture.

As he prepares to set, Oikawa keeps an eye on the Date blockers. He sets to Iwaizumi but the Seijoh ace notices something is different. He spikes but Aone gets a one-touch. Remembering that Futakuchi told him he doesn't always have to try a fake-out, Koganegawa does a powerful direct spike that bounces off Watari and lands out.

Iwaizumi informs Oikawa to keep setting the way he usually does and to let the ace worry about the blockers. Coaches Irihata and Mizoguchi see that Oikawa changed the set during the last play to be slightly further away from the net in the hopes of helping Iwaizumi but it backfired and Iwaizumi didn't seem fond of the further set that made it more difficult for him.

Aoba Johsai is still at match point and Date Tech does all they can to keep the ball alive. Sakunami receives Kindaichi's spike and the ball heads over the net. Kindaichi attempts to slam the ball down but is surprised when Koganegawa appears and uses his height to reach the ball first and set to Aone. Watari receives and Oikawa sets to Iwaizumi.

Koganegawa, Aone, and Futakuchi get in place to get the block up.


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