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"Greetings: Part 2" (Japanese: ごあいさつ・2 Go Aisatsu・2) is the three hundred eightieth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 8th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


The match between Schweiden Adlers and Black Jackals commences. Kageyama challenges the Black Jackals with a formidable serve right from the start. However, Hinata is prepared and shows off his immense growth over the years.


Washijō attends the match and joins his former students Semi and Ōhira in the stands. It's revealed that Shirabu and Kawanishi can't make it to the match due to having a practicum and being too poor to travel respectively. Yamagata is a libero for the Hiashi Automotive Lions in Division 2 while Goshiki is an outside hitter for the Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets in Division 1. At the moment, Goshiki wishes he could attend the Adlers and Jackals' game, knowing that a lot of familiar faces will be there to watch. Kiryū appears in the Green Rockets' changing room. Goshiki greets him and eagerly suggests they defeat Ushijima together. Kiryū accepts and expresses his desire to challenge Bokuto as well.

Back with the Adlers and Jackals, the starting lineup for both teams are introduced. Kageyama is currently the top server and surpassed Atsumu in the ranking. Hinata, nevertheless, compliments Atsumu on his serves. Atsumu smugly responds that rankings aren't important but earns less than favorable reactions from Bokuto and Sakusa. Meanwhile, Komori, Washio, and Suna, who are now playing for the Eastern Japan Paper Mills (EJP Raijin) in Division 1, discuss the clashing personalities in Black Jackals. In a surprising move, Black Jackals choose to put in newcomer Hinata instead of their main cannon, Oriver Barnes, in as the starting opposite player. The commentators note Hinata's role as a more an all-rounder instead of a sole attacker and give a brief description of his unusual volleyball path until now.

The first serve of the match goes to Kageyama. He sends powerful serve toward the sidelines with enough force to shock all those watching. Nevertheless, Hinata is ready and cleanly receives it on his first attempt. Hinata gets up and moves in to attack. Despite getting a perfect A-grade pass, Atsumu chooses to use a simple high toss as a proper greeting gift to the Adlers. Now on a hard floor, Hinata soars into the air and slams it home for the Black Jackals. After landing nimbly, Hinata happily announces his return. His former Karasuno teammates warmly welcomes him back.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Goshiki and Kiryū are teammates in Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets (Division 1).
  • Komori, Washio, and Suna are now teammates in Eastern Japan Paper Mills (EJP) Raijin (Division 1).
  • Kageyama is currently the top server in the V.League, beating out Atsumu.
  • Kageyama scored 5 service aces in a row in a World Tournament match against France.
  • Sakusa is the recent MVP at the Japan National Collegiate Volleyball Championship and is a rookie in Black Jackals.
  • This match is Hinata's debut match in the V.League.


  • The English version changed Oriver Barnes' name to "Oliver" due to Japanese lacking a hard "l" sound.
  • Kageyama's five service aces in a row against France is likely a reference to Yuji Nishida's six service aces against Canada in the 2019 World Cup[1]


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