"Growth Spurt" (Japanese: (そだ) (ざか) Sodachi Zakari) is the one hundred seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 22nd-23rd double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


In Aoba Johsai, second year volleyball club member Kentarō Kyōtani, who made a scuffle with third years back then, returns to the gym and makes an unpleasant greeting to the members. Meanwhile, the members of Karasuno are making the most out of opportunities to practice for the upcoming Spring High Representative playoffs.


The new arrival is introduced as Kentarō Kyōtani, a second year wing spiker that Oikawa nicknamed Mad Dog. Yahaba reveals that Kyōtani was a well known player during his time at Minamisan Middle School, with their best volleyball years being when Kyōtani was part of the team. Yahaba explains that Kyōtani is not a player who is fond of teamwork and cooperation but his skills as a player are undoubtedly the best of the present second years. Kyōtani had enough skills to be a starting player as a first year but because of his behavior toward the third years at the time, things didn't end well and he stopped attending practices.

Kyōtani is mildly surprised to see that the current third years are still on the team, having believed that they would have retired after their loss against Shiratorizawa Academy in the InterHigh. His statement shocks the first and second years but angers the third years. Oikawa plays it off as Kyōtani joking around and ignores his request to stop calling him Mad Dog. Oikawa is sure that he can get Kyōtani to admit that he's glad to be back on the team. Oikawa's sudden intimidating aura causes Kyōtani to be on his guard.

The Karasuno team find themselves back at Nekoma High in late August. Bokuto right away calls for Tsukishima to block for him. He and several others are utterly surprised when Tsukishima willingly agrees to blocking.

As the team prepares for a practice match, a brief flashback is shown of when Tsukishima asked Ukai about effective ways to block spikers who are bigger or stronger. Ukai was thrilled about Tsukishima's sudden interest before asking what Tsukishima believed was the most important thing about blocking. Tsukishima initially believed it was height but Ukai corrects him in saying that timing is actually the most important thing as well as proper hand placement and reading spikers forms. Ukai admits that he's probably not the best source Tsukishima could learn from when it comes to blocking but there is someone that he can learn from. This person being Kuroo.

In the present, Tsukishima watches the play carefully. He notes how Kuroo is bringing the block to the peak when Lev is making his downswing. Lev is completely blocked out and as he promises it will not happen again, Kuroo calls for Tsukishima to join in.

During a match against Shinzen, Hinata and Kageyama fail at the new quick. Takeda comments how the quick currently seventy percent successful and Ukai says that repetition is the only way the two will be able to perfect it. At the same time, Tsukishima observes as Bokuto shoots a spike between Lev's arms and the tall middle blocker is quickly scolded by Kuroo for having his arms too wide when he should keep them close enough that the ball can't get through.

A montage shows Tadashi continuing to work on his jump float serve, Tsukishima is still practicing with his brother's team, and Tanaka attempting a cut shot. With all the practice Hinata and Kageyama have been putting in, Yachi notes that the success rate of the new quick has risen to ninety percent. Tadashi is also able to finally deliver a jump float that Nishinoya fails to receive when it changed its course at the last moment.

After a match has ended, Hinata and Kenma are helping clean the gym when Hinata expresses his excitement for the tournament to begin. Kenma then admits that he thinks playing against Hinata is interesting and he would like to play a game against him in which a loss means it's an automatic game over. Hinata eagerly agrees.

Bokuto catches Tsukishima outside the gym and tells the middle blocker that he should do his best to win against Ushijima, reasoning that if Tsukishima were to win against Ushijima then this would be a victory for Bokuto as he has a great winning streak against the Karasuno first year. Despite Tsukishima and Akaashi saying this makes no sense, Bokuto still declares this will make him the best player of them all.

Kuroo and Daichi part ways after promising to meet in Tokyo for the Trashcan Showdown.

At his brother's practice, Tsukishima carefully watches as Go begins to make his approach to spike. Quickly analyzing how the set was off and that Go's best spike is the cross court shot, Tsukishima determines the best position and timing in order to block. Surprising everyone, he is able to fully block Go's spike.


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