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Welcome to the policy pages of the Haikyū!! Wiki. The Haikyū!! Wiki strives to become the number one source of all Haikyū!! information and a welcoming place that's fun for everyone to edit. Being respectful towards others and this wiki will help create a perfect environment. In order for that to happen, there are certain guidelines and policies for everyone here to follow.

If a Wiki User violates any of these policies, that User may receive a consequence that will be administered by one of the administrators of the Haikyū!! Wiki. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the rules, please leave your message on either the Talk page, the Contact us forum, or the Community Discussion Forum. Thank you for your cooperation, Wiki users and contributors.

General Rules

Please do not:

  1. Be disrespectful to other users. Constructive criticism and the likes are allowed, but harassment or bullying is unacceptable. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  2. Personal attacks, threats, or name-calling.
  3. Bullying of any kind (sexual/vulgar language, racist/sexist remarks, etc).
  4. Trolling.
  5. Spread false information about other users.
  6. Advertise on any pages in this wiki.

Content-centered Rules

Please do not:

  1. Vandalize pages or files. This includes adding comments, jokes, and clearly false and inaccurate information to pages. Any comment, joke, question, or discussion about a page should be posted in either the page's talk page or the Community Discussion Forums instead.
  2. Write assumptions/speculations in the articles.
  3. If you have a speculation, prediction, etc., please post it in the appropriate forum or the page's talk page.
  4. Start or continue an edit war.
  5. If there is a problem, contact an Administrator or discuss it on the forums/talk page.
  6. Create offensive articles or pointless articles (unrelated information).
  7. Add spoilers in an article page unless the chapter, episode, or information has been revealed by the official sources.

Please note that correcting the violation you've done before a consequence is administered will NOT prevent you from receiving the consequence.

If any Wiki user or contributor witnesses another user breaking any of these rules and administrators fail to notice, please kindly correct them if possible and/or report the incident with a link or screenshot of the offense to an administrator.

Once again, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the rules, feel free to contact our administrators and staff. Thank you for your cooperation again, Wiki Users and Contributors.

Discuss Forum Rules

The Discuss Forum is a social space where community members can talk about the wiki's topic as well as the wiki itself. The Discuss Forum has its own set of rules that must be followed.

  1. Keep posts/comments/discussions relevant to Haikyū!!
    • This includes sticking to the main post/topic and no small/irrelevant comments trying to/divert away from the post/topic!
  2. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions!
  3. NO ship hate!!! We accept any ship/s and anyone who ships!
  4. NO posts, comments or any sort of NSFW!
  5. NO roleplay of any kind!
  6. Fan-art/Fan-fics/edits/memes are allowed! But nothing inappropriate!
    • If you are sharing fan-work that isn't yours, please find and link to the original post/artist. You're trying to ‘credit’ the original artist for their work.
  7. Anime and Manga posts are allowed!
    • If you're talking about a spoiler, please make it clear in your title/comment so that other people can be aware of it!
  8. NO promoting/linking to illegal/pirated sites!
  9. NO spamming, trolling, vandalizing, swearing or hate of any kind!
  10. NO hating/harassing other fandoms!
  11. NO impersonation of other users or famous people!

If you see a post/comment that goes against the guidelines above, don't hesitate to report it and the team will take a look!

If the post/comment does go against the guidelines, it will be deleted, lead to a warning, and also to your account being banned if you continue to break the guidelines!

Manual of Style

See Manual of Style for more information.

Media Policy

  1. Please do not upload:
    • Everything listed below (excluding pornographic/offensive images) can be placed on your own user page, signature, blog post, or the likes, but not on any article pages.
    • Pornographic/racist/offensive images.
    • .gif images.
    • Watermark images.
    • Edited images (photoshopped, MS painted, etc).
    • Images not from the series, unless you're adding it to the Volleyball, Haruichi Furudate, or similar pages.
  2. Please try not to:
    • Upload poor quality images.
  3. Because we can not accept fanarts as official images, please do not upload any unless:
    • You are applying for the fanart slideshow on the homepage.
    • You are putting the fanart on your own user page, blog post, signature, or the likes.
      • You must credit the artist and source (website, etc) in the "Summary" section of the image, unless stated otherwise by the artist himself/herself.
  4. This is not mandatory, but please name the images according to the character/chapter/episode/etc.
    • It's easier for users to search up "Hinata1.png" instead of "apoawfb1233.png".

Image Format

  1. Please categorize images you upload.
    • If it's a cut from the manga or a screenshot from the anime, categorize the image according to the characters who appear in it.
      • Character categories are: Images of ____ (character name)
      • For example, if you upload an image of Kageyama and Tsukishima: categorize it with "Images of Tobio Kageyama" and "Images of Kei Tsukishima".
    • If it's an entire page from the manga (Chapter 206 for example), categorize it with "Chapters". Specifically categorizing it with each character who appears is unnecessary.
  2. Please tag your images. Refer to the top tabs for a list of image tags.
  3. Please provide the source (episode/chapter number, etc) of the image.
  4. When you upload an image to the wiki, please add these following headers to the page along with the information:
    • Summary: contains the source of and information about the uploaded image.
    • Licensing: the license of the uploaded image.

Anime Images

An example of a sourced and tagged image.

Please do not upload:

  1. Images from the anime that contain subtitles.
    • Subtitles can be wrongly translated and we want all information on this wiki to be accurate.

After you upload an image from the anime, be sure to add the episode number you got it from and tag it with the I-Fairuse-anime and I-Fairuse-screenshot-anime licenses as shown in the example.

Manga Images Rules

  1. Please try to upload raw images only.
    • We are aware that you may not be able to get a hold of raws, so fan-translated images are allowed, but raws are more preferable.
  2. Please do not remove/edit out the text from the raw image.
  3. Please try to name chapter images as "Chapter _" (whatever number). Name special chapter images with the chapter's title.

After you upload an image from the manga, be sure to add the chapter number you got it from and tag it with the I-Fairuse-manga license.

Volume Images Rules

  1. If released in the United States, please do not replace the original volume cover with the US version of the volume. Upload it separately and add it to the appropriate Volume page.

After you upload an image from the volume books (volume cover, etc), be sure to add the volume number you got it from and tag it with the I-Fairuse-manga license.

Character Infobox Images Rules

Try to use full size/un-cropped images from the anime for character infoboxes. If the character hasn't appeared in the anime yet, use an image from the manga (which can be cropped).

Character Pages

Galleries are allowed for all character articles, but must be on separate pages. These gallery pages will always be linked to the original page by either the tabs or one of the sections in the Character Infoboxes.

Article Images

Images placed in the article pages are usually set like this: [[File:<insert image name>.PNG|thumb|<insert image information>.]].

Video Policy Rules

  1. Videos must be related to the series.
  2. Fan videos such as AMVs, MADs, etc. are not allowed.
  3. The videos must be legal.

Image Tags

Safe Copyleft

  • {{i-GFDL}} - GNU Free Documentation License

Creative Commons

  • {{i-CC-BY-SA-3.0}} - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Public domain

  • {{i-PD}}
    • {{i-PD-user}} - Released into the public domain by a Haikyuu!! Wiki user


Blocking Policy

Administrators can block a user if he/she does any harm to the wiki. Contributors can tell any administrator to block a user who breaks the rules.

December 7, 2015: Exception Policy/Rule: Due to a massive increase in vandalism recently, the administrators have adopted a new blocking policy: for even the smallest vandalism, you can be blocked for up to 6 months without warning.

October 29, 2020: Disabling Anonymous Edits: Due to a massive increase in vandalism, the administrators have decided to disable anonymous users from editing indefinitely. Please Log In or Create an Account if you wish to make edits.

We apologize to any users who are inconvenienced by this, but we feel that this is the only way to stop vandalism.

User/Contributor Consequences

Breaking the rules is something that cannot be ignored; the rules are set in order to maintain peace and order on the wiki so if you break any of them, you may be subject to the consequences below.


As mentioned previously, offenders may be given warnings before the administrators take action. If the offenders choose to ignore the warning(s) and continue breaking the rules, then the administrators would have no choice but to give punishment. The consequences are as follows:

Action Done by Wiki User or Contributor Consequence
Minor Harassment (light insults) to another User Comment(s) will be deleted and offending user will be banned for a period of four months.
Major Harassment (explicit language, etc.) to another User Comments will be deleted and offending user will be banned for an infinite amount of time.
Minor Vandalism (1-2 edit or depending on the content) Edit(s) will be deleted and offending user banned for up to three months.
Major Vandalism (3 or more edits or depending on the content) Edits will be deleted and offending user will be banned for at least six months.
Extreme Vandalism (complete destruction of pages) Edits will be deleted and offending user will be banned for a few years to an infinite amount of time.
Spamming Spam posts will be deleted and depending on the content of the posts, offending user may be banned for three to six months.
Posting on message wall(s) inappropriate media, text, or links that lead to such material (pornography, explicit images/videos, malicious sites, illegal sites, etc.) Post(s) will be deleted and the offending user will be banned for an infinite amount of time.
Other Administrators will discuss and announce punishment within a week.

Please note that there may be exceptions to the consequences and that a user may be unbanned if they appeal to one of the administrators on their message wall on this wiki or their Community Central message wall. Please also note that these rules may be subject to change. All registered users will usually be notified when such changes occur.

Blocked for no reason

If you are banned for no reason and think that you have been banned wrongly, please leave a message on one of our administrators message wall.

User Page Policy

There is not an exact policy for the user page because it is completely yours, but you must not:

  • Advertise.
  • Use fan art without getting the artist's permission first.
  • Use pornographic images.
  • Copy exactly from another user without his/her permission.
  • Claim that you're an administrator, rollback, or chat mod if you're not.
  • Please do not edit another user's page without his/her permission.

Message Wall

The message wall is used to communicate with other users. Again, there isn't an exact policy for the message wall since it's completely yours, but please don't:

  • Harass another user.
  • Edit another user's message.
  • Complain about other users.

We don't recommend discussing personal matters on the message wall because it's a public wall that can be accessed by anyone.

New to wikis?

  • If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial.
  • A list of most help pages can be found on Help: Contents.
  • If you need help editing, you could start with Help: Editing.