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To-do List

  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Music: some of the music pages lack Japanese and English lyrics and other information (trivia, etc); some of them lack videos and cover pictures. Some need links to animated and full version videos (see Imagination's infobox for example)
  • Character Pages: most of the main characters lack content in their plot, relationships, and background sections. There are also a lot of minor characters who don't have a lot of, if any, information.
  • Matches: we want to create pages for the various volleyball matches that have taken place. So far there are only 3 pages
  • Images: the following images need category, source, and license
    • TaichiKawanishiMugShot.jpg
    • Kawanishi1.jpg
    • HinataKageyama5.png
    • Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.07.01 am.png
    • Ogano Daiki.png
    • Kengo Nanasawa.jpg
    • Yohei Ashiya.jpg
    • Shingo Sengoku.jpg
    • Masaki gora.png
    • Shimafu Noriaki.jpg
    • Akatani Yuu.jpg
    • Kodama Masaru.jpg
    • Iwaizumi1.jpeg
    • Semi2.jpeg
    • Nishinoya.jpg
    • IMG 2380.png
    • IMG 3122.png
    • DLmBr28WkAAkNyT.jpg
    • Ddb3f2ae51fa0437ff202d6b1041b5c8.jpg
  • Images: the following English images need to be switched to ones with kanji
    • Hinatas feint.png
    • Datekou.png
    • Hinata and Kageyama fighting.png
    • Hinatas first quickstrike.png
    • Haiba-appearance.png
    • Haiba-and-hinata.png
    • Haikyu-4471451.jpg
    • Tobio3.jpg
    • Vhaikyuu eng manga code haikyuu p008.jpg
    • NiiyamaJoshiManga.png
    • ScreenshotFromKissManga.png

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