Tough it out, even through the times when it isn't fun.

Hana Misaki (Japanese: 三咲 (みさき) (はな) Misaki Hana) is a third year student of Johzenji High and the school's volleyball team's manager.


Misaki has short, brown hair that ends before her shoulders, and very short bangs that end above her eyebrows. She has similar coloured eyes.


Somewhat quiet, Misaki initially often lets herself be spoken over and doesn't chime into conversations often. However, during the match against Karasuno, she finds her voice and surprises her team, as well as Karasuno with a bold speech. Instead of her usual quiet self, she is very blunt about the boy's abilities, and what they need to do or change, to win, showcasing why she was given the position of manager in the first place.



Before the Spring Tournament, Misaki decided to stay on the volleyball team until the end of the school year since she couldn't find a replacement, unlike the third year captain, Okudake Seiji. Though he decided to leave, he seemed relieved that she was staying, asking her to keep the second years strong and encouraged. She insisted the boys wouldn't listen to her though.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

However, her promise to Okudake, as well as his words to Terushima in the past, helped her find her voice later to rally the team and make them more aware of the mistakes they were making. Though she was a bit harsh and even vulgar, her words encouraged the team and helped them get their heads in the game.


Yūji Terushima

Misaki was Johzenji's manager who retired recently after Johzenji's loss to Karasuno in the Spring High. She often had to apologize to other people for the team's antics. Misaki got to the point that she was so incensed, she berated the team, especially Yūji.


  • Her favorite food is Baby Castella.
  • Her current concern: She's been asked, 'shouldn't you let your bangs grow already?'
  • Her star sign is Gemini.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Hana (華) - Flower
    • Misaki (三咲) - Three blossoms


  • "I...haven't found a replacement yet, so I'm thinking of sticking around through the Spring High." (to Okudake, Chapter 113)
  • "Also...About your style where you always go all-out with playing around...I actually like that a lot." (to Johzenji, Season 2, Episode 16)
  • "Having fun even if you're inferior or not doing well? If anyone's actually like that, they're either creeps or weirdos." (to Johzenji, Season 2, Episode 15)



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