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Tough it out, even through the times when it isn't fun.

Hana Misaki (Japanese: 三咲 (みさき) (はな) Misaki Hana) is a third-year student of Johzenji High. She is the manager of the boys' volleyball team.


Misaki has short brown hair that ends just above her shoulders, and very short bangs that end above her eyebrows. She has similar colored eyes. Misaki is usually seen wearing a yellow Johzenji track suit.


Somewhat quiet and timid, Misaki initially often lets herself be spoken over and doesn't chime into conversations often. However, during the match against Karasuno, she finds her voice and surprises her team, as well as Karasuno with a bold speech. Instead of her usual quiet self, she is very blunt about the boys’ abilities, and what they need to do or change in order to win, showcasing why she was given the position of manager in the first place.



Before the Spring Tournament, Misaki decided to stay on the volleyball team until the end of the school year since she couldn't find a replacement, unlike the third-year captain, Seiji Okudake. Though he decided to retire, he seemed relieved that she was staying, asking her to keep the second-years strong and encouraged. She insisted the boys wouldn't listen to her though.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

As the qualifiers begin, Johzenji stumbles upon Karasuno. As Nishinoya and Tanaka are about to attack Terushima, Misaki barges in and apologizes for anything the captain might’ve done, which makes Karasuno’s players both freeze in midair. When the first set ends and Bobata suggests changing the team banner, Misaki is against it and kindly tries to convince Bobata. Terushima then takes Bobata’s side and tells Misaki that the banner simply doesn’t fit the team as it is now or any of the teams that would come in the future.

During the second set, a flashback of Okudake thanking Misaki for sticking by the volleyball club is shown. Throughout the second set, Misaki starts to get impatient and finally cracks after listening to some spectators thinning that Karasuno would surely come out victor of the match. After Terushima tells the team to increase their energy once they are clearly panicking, Misaki scolds Johzenji to stop being so reckless and that things would eventually stop being fun, which reminds Terushima of what Okudake was saying. After this, Terushima starts feeling guilty and Misaki telling him to have fun and think over their actions for once, the team starts taking things seriously.

After Johzenji attempts another synchro attack as they did in the first set, Misaki remarks that they don’t think of what would happen if they fail but instead crave the joy they would get when they succeed. After Johzenji’s loss, Anabara thanks Misaki. Rather than taking the credit, she thinks back to Okudake. Shortly after, she tells the players to take good care of Runa. She then follows up by admitting that she finds Johzenji’s new playing style to be rather admirable and almost breaks into tears.


Yūji Terushima

Misaki was Johzenji's manager who retired recently after Johzenji's loss to Karasuno in the Spring High. She often had to apologize to other people for the team's antics. While Misaki often was annoyed by Terushima's thoughtless antics, she still saw the potential he had and encouraged him to think through his plays instead of just acting on a whim.


  • "I... haven't found a replacement yet, so I'm thinking of sticking around through the Spring High." (To Okudake, Volume 15 Chapter 133)
  • "Having fun even if you're inferior or not doing well? If anyone's actually like that, they're either creeps or weirdos." (To Johzenji, Season 2 Episode 15)
  • "Those guys aren't thinking about when they mess up, even for a second. Just the pleasure they feel when they succeed." (To herself, Season 2 Episode 16)
  • "Also... About your style where you always go all-out with playing around... I actually like that a lot." (To Johzenji, Season 2 Episode 16)


  • Misaki's favorite food is Baby Castella.
  • Misaki's current concern: She's been asked, 'shouldn't you let your bangs grow already?'
  • Misaki's star sign is Gemini.
  • Nomenclature
    • Hana (華) - splendor/flower
    • Misaki (三咲) - Three blossoms