Haruichi Furudate (Japanese: 古舘春一 Furudate Haruichi) is a 37-year-old manga artist best known for the series Haikyū!!. Haruichi Furudate was born on March 7, 1983, in the Iwate Prefecture, Japan and is currently employed by Shueisha Inc. Furudate's gender identity has never been confirmed, but the official Viz translation uses he/him.

  • 2008: Weekly Shōnen Jump - King Kid
  • 2009: Akamaru Jump - Playground
  • 2009: Weekly Shōnen Jump - Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan.
  • 2012 - 2020: Weekly Shōnen Jump - Haikyū!!

    Furudate drawing Hinata on 'Sports x Manga' Special Haikyuu



  • In a poll conducted by Charapedia, a Japanese anime and manga character database, Furudate was ranked the 21st most popular mangaka. Furudate received 157 points[1] (points are based on votes, comments, and voting order, and other factors are decided by the Charapedia staff).
  • Furudate's Zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Furudate's hobbies are eating and drinking.
  • Furudate's one-shot for Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2008, Ousama Kid (King Kid), won an honorable mention for the 14th Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Prize.
  • Furudate's favorite series are One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyō Matsumoto.
  • Furudate's favorite volleyball players are Shigeru Aoyama and Yuta Yoneyama.
  • Because Furudate is a mangaka for Weekly Shōnen Jump, Furudate participates in its Authors Comments section. Some of Furudate's comments have revealed info about Furudate:
    • A huge pile of storyboards and discarded drawings once fell from atop of an office cabinet. Furudate learned from this that continuous organization is very important.
    • Riding vehicles (especially buses) after not going outside for a long time makes Furudate nervous.
    • Furudate received an incredible photo book for Sugawara's birthday.
    • Furudate owns a "Jurassic Park" poster signed by Haiyuu-san.
    • Furudate's older brother is married and has two kids (the second child was born sometime in July 2016).
    • Furudate has always looked up to and yearned to match Kubo Tite's (the mangaka of "Bleach") visual style.
    • Because Furudate missed watching the Rio 2016 Olympics on live T.V., Furudate was very grateful that the matches and commentary could be found online. Although Furudate found them intense, Furudate wishes that more footage was taken from the end of the court.
    • Furudate's editor Mr. Honda has a younger brother, who released a novel on September 10th.
  • Furudate was a volleyball player in Junior High School and held the position of a middle blocker.
  • Furudate lived in the Iwate Prefecture until Furudate graduated and then moved to the Miyagi Prefecture.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Furudate was included and placed 26th with 706 votes.[2] In the second, Furudate placed 39th with 521 votes.[3]


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