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Haruki Komi (Japanese: 小見 (こみ) 春樹 (はるき) Komi Haruki) is a third year student at Fukurōdani Academy. He plays as the starting libero on the boys volleyball team.

As of 2018, he is an actor in Tokyo.


Komi is small in stature. He also has medium brown hair with an undercut. His eyes are a similar color to his hair, and his eyebrows are rather large and triangular.

During an official match, Komi wears the libero appointed white jersey with black and gold accents, and white shorts with a gold stripe on the sides.

Post-timeskip, Komi mostly appears the same but has cut his hair to a slightly shorter length.


Komi is very outgoing, energetic, and loud. He is like Bokuto in every sense and seems to get very into the game. The libero also isn't afraid to say what's on his mind.

He interacts well with his teammates and knows when to encourage Bokuto and lift the captain from his depressing mood.



Tokyo Expedition Arc

Komi's debut appearance is when he is seen with his team during the training camp at Nekoma High. He and several others would be caught off guard and impressed at the sight of Hinata and Kageyama performing their original super quick attack. For the duration of the camps, Komi mostly appears in the background. He would help keep the team going during their final match against Karasuno when Bokuto fell into one of his slumps. At the barbecue, Komi and Konoha nearly attempted to speak to Kiyoko but they were both prevented from doing so by Nishinoya, Tanaka, and Yamamoto acting as her protection squad.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

As Bokuto’s offers to practice get rejected by Tsukishima, Komi lists Bokuto’s impressive titles and verbally crushes them.

Fukurodani vs Nekoma

During the game, Komi is able to get multiple good digs from Nekoma. Despite this, he poorly bumps a shot from Fukunaga another time and makes it hard for Akaashi to set, which he apologizes for. In the second set, Konoha does an impressive emergency set and Komi makes an awfully detailed explanation of Konoha’s talents as a player.

When Bokuto forgets how to do a cross-shot, and by extension, everything else, Komi, like the rest of his teammates, becomes alarmed. When Bokuto tries to reason with the team, Komi becomes annoyed. Although this was the case, Komi would still try to help and later would celebrate with his team when they won in straight sets.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Fukurōdani Academy vs. Eiwa High

Komi is one of the first to notice that Bokuto is in one of his moods. Despite this, Komi still optimistically asks the ace of his worries before he’s not sure Bokuto’s condition is properly established. After the fact, however, Komi becomes greatly annoyed. Despite this, Komi is sure Bokuto will overcome what is bothering him and is able to play like normal for the rest of the game since instances of the ace being in perfect condition is quite rare.

Fukurōdani Academy vs Morikawa High

Komi makes a single appearance after Fukurōdani was able to win the game. That evening, Komi and the other third years, excluding Bokuto, are seen conversing with one another.

Fukurōdani Academy vs. Matsuyama Nishi Biz High

Komi is seen playing in the game against Matsuyama. Late in the match, Komi makes an impressive save that impresses Sarukui.

Fukurōdani vs Mujinazaka High

Komi is seen being solid in his receives but at times is just narrowly able to save a few spikes. When it's apparent that Akaashi is off his game, Komi tries to keep the mood light and assures the second-year that they will be able to get back any lost points. Sometime later, he saves Kiryū’s shot.

During the second set, Komi makes an overhand pass to Konoha. Sometime later, Komi makes another impressive save from an unexpected shot from Kiryū. After the game, Akaashi gets angry at himself for his mistakes and starts ranting about them. At this, Komi isn’t surprised as it fits his character. Despite this, he gets surprised when Bokuto successfully puts Akaashi’s spirits up.

Final Arc

After high school, Komi has become an actor in Tokyo. He is last seen with Konoha and Sarukui in a bar while watching the Adlers and Jackals game[1]. It is at this time that a flashback shows that Fukurōdani had lost against Ichibayashi High in the finals of the 2013 Spring Tournament. Komi shared the same reassurance as his teammates in supporting Bokuto as he continued his volleyball career after high school.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

There is nothing in particular that Haruki is amazing at. However, he's shown to have average digging skills.

Jumping Reach: 298 cm


Fukurōdani Academy

  • Akinori Konoha: Komi has a very good relationship with Konoha. They are often seen hanging together, along with Yamato Sarukui. He likes to tease the latter about his "Jack of all Trades, Master of None." nickname.
  • Yamato Sarukui: They both are often seen together, hanging around each other. They both play and get along with one another very well.


  • His favorite food is deep fried breaded prawns.
  • Current Concern: He doesn't get time to take a nap after lunch.
  • His star sign is Aquarius.
  • Komi is the youngest third-year on the team.
  • Nomenclature
    • Haruki (春樹) - Spring Tree
    • Komi (小見)
      • 小 - Small
      • 見 - See