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Hayato Yamagata (Japanese: 山形 (やまがた) 隼人 (はやと) Yamagata Hayato) was a third-year libero attending Shiratorizawa Academy.

As of 2018, he is a libero on the V. League Division 2 team Hiashi Automotive Lions.


He has an undercut with dark brown, spiked up hair, dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. Due to the slant in his eyebrows, he unintentionally looks to be glaring. He is relatively short and has a medium build.


He is serious and focused on the game. When Nishinoya pulled off an incredible move, Yamagata grinned widely. It's been shown he is similar to Nishinoya when it comes to 'getting into' the game, yet he seems more aggressive than most liberos.

Yamagata is also seen being very supportive of his kouhai, Goshiki, and was shown telling Ushijima when he was being unintentionally rude towards him. He appears to be very protective of the younger years and often acts as a mentor.



Spring High Preliminary Arc

In the anime, he appears right as the Spring High begins[1]. In the manga, he doesn't appear until the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match[2].

When he and his team are preparing for their match against Karasuno, Yamagata comments how he thought they would once again be playing against Aoba Johsai. Yamagata proves to be a solid receiver early on in the game as he is able to make but also miss serves and spikes. At one point in the second set, Yamagata and Goshiki both made an attempt to receive Tanaka's spike but they both hesitated when they saw the other was moving into place. Because of their hesitation, the ball landed and Goshiki received Coach Washijō's scolding. When Karasuno's blockers were able to block off Ushijima's path for a cross shot and forced him into hitting a straight shot directly to Nishinoya, Yamagata admired how well the Karasuno libero was able to receive the spike.

At the start of the fourth set, Yamagata tries to help Goshiki relax when the first-year had accidentally put too much force into his serve and sent it out of bounds. After Asahi was able to score to put Karasuno ahead at 2-0, Yamagata listens as Reon helps Goshiki recover from being scolded by their coach. While Reon was able to help Goshiki, Yamagata felt that Goshiki was too easily flattered[3].

In the fifth set, Kageyama is returned to the game after having been made to rest for a while. Yamagata receives his serve and is stunned at the power that Kageyama had put into it after having just returned to the court. Eventually, Karasuno was able to win the set and match when Yamagata was unable to receive Hinata's last spike. Although upset himself, he is seen trying to comfort Goshiki as they left the court. After the team returns to Shiratorizawa, Yamagata and the rest of the third-years officially retire from the team.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Yamagata would be seen during the practice matches against the first-years of the First Fear Training Camp.

Final Arc

Yamagata currently plays as a libero on the V. League Division 2 team Hiashi Automotive Lions[4]. He appears to have gathered with the rest of his former teammates at Goshiki's home to watch the program about Tendō.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

As a libero, he seems to be good at receiving. Because he is in Shiratorizawa, he is most likely highly skilled to become a regular.

Jumping Reach: 305 cm


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception


  • Shiratorizawa Academy: Yamagata appears to have a good relationship with most of his team. He is shown to be close to the third-years. Like the rest of the team, he has great respect toward Ushijima as the ace and captain.
  • Tsutomu Goshiki: Yamamgata is shown to be quite supportive of the first-year wing spiker. He at times helps Goshiki when he becomes rattled during a match and is also seen comforting him when Shiratorizawa lost to Karasuno.


  • Favorite Food: uni donburi (sea urchin on rice).
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: He keeps forgetting where he put his phone.
  • Post-timeskip Concern: He lost one of his Airpods earpiece.
  • His star sign is Aquarius.
  • He shares his first name with Hayato Ikejiri.
    • Nomenclature:
      • Hayato (隼人) - "Falcon Man" (as in The Hayato People)
      • Yamagata (山形) - Shape of a mountain