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Heisuke Riseki (Japanese: 理石 (りせき) 平介 (へいすけ) Riseki Heisuke) was a first-year student at Inarizaki High. He was a wing spiker and pinch server for the Boys' Volleyball Team.

As of 2018, he is currently a college student and an outside hitter for VC Kanagawa, a V.League Division 1 team.


Riseki has an athletic build, standing at 185cm. He has short, dark hair, and often has a serious expression. He has dark, long eyebrows, and large grey/hazel-colored eyes.

Post-timeskip, Riseki mostly appears the same but now has his hair at a shorter length.


Riseki is a rational, respectful person. He tends to overthink things, as stated by his captain, Kita. He is a skilled player, making it into powerhouse schools for both middle school and high school; however, he was never skilled enough to be a part of the official lineup. During his middle school career, he only played on court once as a pinch server, where he messed up the serve. He reflects negatively on this, so it can be said he has a pessimistic mindset.


Riseki was not a regular all throughout middle school and into high school. Additionally, when he got subbed in as a pinch server in middle school, he landed it out-of-bounds.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Mostly seen in the background during the first half of the match against Karasuno, Riseki is eventually subbed in for Suna after Sugawara is taken off the court.

As he prepares to serve, Riseki reveals that he had been a benchwarmer during his time playing volleyball in middle school with having played in a game only once as a pinch server and failed to make an impact. This game against Karasuno is his first time playing in a match in high school and is incredibly nervous at the thought of failing his serve. After Karasuno is able to receive his serve and cut him off, Inarizaki's 'demon' cheer section right away voice their displeasure at his serve.

Riseki s4-e22-2

Riseki shows admiration for Kita when the Inarizaki captain is subbed into the game and able to be a reliable player while Aran is given the chance to rest. Riseki was surprised to hear from Suna that Kita's first time playing in a match in high school wasn't until after he became a third-year, having believed that Kita was a 'battle-worn veteran'.

Riseki is sent back into the game during the third set and is able to successfully land a service ace that earns him the praise of the cheering section. His next serve is received by Tanaka but Aran is able to score and tie the game. Riseki's third serve is received by Daichi and cut off by Tsukishima. Karasuno eventually went on to win the match and advance to the next round.

Final Arc[]

Riseki appears with Eikichi at the MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers game. He is now a college senior and plays on the Division 1 team VC Kanagawa as an outside hitter.[1] While watching the match, Riseki is awed at how good Atsumu's serves are, and Eikichi reminds him that he got the best server award in his third-year.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Despite being on the bench, he has proven to be a great pinch server with his powerful jump serve. In the Final Arc, it is revealed that he got the best server award in his third-year of high school.


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception


Inarizaki High[]

  • Inarizaki High: Riseki works well with the team.


  • Current Concern: "Will there be a chance for me to play in a match?!"
  • Star Sign: Pisces.
  • He got the best server award in his third-year in high school.[1]
  • He is the youngest first-year and member on the team.
  • He and Heisuke Shido share the same first name and its pronunciation but not the same kanji.
  • The name, Riseki, translates into "marble" and is a reference to the Marble Fox (Japanese: マーブル (まーぶる) フォックス (ふぉっくす) Māburu Fokkusu).
  • Nomenclature:
    • Heisuke (平介) – Flat Assistance
    • Riseki (理石)
      • 理 – The Right of the World
      • 石 – Stone