Heitor Santana (Japanese: エイトール サンタナ Eitōru Santana) is a beach volleyball player in Rio de Janeiro.


Heitor has black hair, a thin beard, somewhat thick eyebrows and almond shaped eyes. He's rather tall and has an athletic build. 


Heitor is lackadaisical and somewhat irresponsible. When he is introduced, he is struggling in the beach volleyball circuit in Rio, since his partner decided to partner with someone else, claiming Heitor is driving off all their sponsors. Despite this, Heitor is friendly and quickly befriends Hinata when the two meet. Heitor claims that, despite his parents both playing volleyball, he lacks the drive to get better.


Heitor has probably been playing volleyball since an early age due to his parents both being volleyball players. However, he has never had much ambition and is struggling to stay afloat financially.


Having lost his previous partner and on the brink of losing all his sponsors, Heitor is urged by his girlfriend to partner with "Ninja Shoyo." Heitor approaches Hinata and pleads him to become his partner so he can compete in the upcoming tournament circuit. After practicing for a bit, the two get closer as Hinata talks about how he ended up coming to Rio.

Before their next game in the circuit, Heitor reveals that he wishes to propose to Nice if they win. When he and Hinata lose their match, Nice surprises them both by having caught on that Heitor wanted to propose if they won and instead proposes to him. They soon marry with Hinata and their friends and family attending the wedding. Heitor, Nice, and many others are present at the airport when Hinata returns to Japan.

Heitor and Nice watch Hinata's debut game online and are caught off guard when he performs his new quick attack with Atsumu. They both cheer for Hinata and Nicollas Romero.

At the end of the series, Heitor and Nice are shown watching the game between Japan and Argentina with their three children.


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  • Current concern: He wants a dog as pet
  • Heitor's specialty play is blocking
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