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Hiroki Kurokawa (Japanese: 黒川 (くろかわ) 広樹 (ひろき) Kurokawa Hiroki) was a member of the Karasuno High School Boys' Volleyball Club. He played as a wing spiker and was the captain during his third year.


Although he appears to have very light, almost white, hair in the manga, Kurokawa's shown with brown hair in the anime[1]. He also has darker eyes in the anime than in the manga. Kurokawa has a medium build and stands at six feet tall.


He's a serious person who doesn't speak that often, but when he does, he's shown to be a blunt, somewhat cynical person. His way of managing the team as the captain was much stricter than Tashiro's and he wasn't as openly ambitious, rather he looked at things in a more realistic manner.


He had been part of Karasuno Boys' Volleyball Team since his second year of high school[2]. He became captain during his third. Since Coach Ikkei Ukai had already retired, both he and Hidemi Tashiro were tasked to coaching the underclassmen.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

During Karasuno's match against Wakutani Minami High, Ennoshita remembers when he, Kinoshita, and Narita had briefly left the club. While Daichi was eager to welcome Ennoshita back upon his return, Kurokawa warned Ennoshita not to practice in his school uniform. When Ennoshita left to change into his gym clothes, Kurokawa advised Daichi that the relationship between a captain and the team can be difficult but that only being nice will not always work[3].

Kurokawa and Tashiro s3-e6-2.png

In a dream Daichi has after Karasuno's match against Aoba Johsai, Kurokawa appears in his memory of when the current third-years first joined the club. After the three new first-years arrive, Sugawara questions if there is a coach since the person who brought them to the gym was the advisor. Kurokawa explains that the team doesn't have a coach. When Tashiro asks for help in improving his serve receives, Kurokawa explains that he acts more out of instinct instead of reading player forms.

After practice, Kurokawa listens as Tashiro expresses concern of whether or not the team is practicing the right way and how difficult it is not having a coach to help point them in the right direction. Kurokawa overhears Daichi, Asahi, and Sugawara talk about an upcoming tournament and how Karasuno hasn't had any practices matches. Kurokawa tells them that other teams have lost interest in playing against them since they are no longer the powerhouse they use to be.

After Karasuno lost in the second round of the upcoming tournament, the third-years retired from the team.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Kurokawa goes to Karasuno's first match of the Spring Tournament in Tokyo with Tashiro[4]. As they watch the match, Tashiro tearfully exclaims how much the third-years have grown while Kurokawa usually gives simple agreements. Kurokawa would be happy at seeing how Tanaka especially has learned to put thought into his plays instead of just using brute force like he had when he first joined the club.

Karasuno s4-e12-1.png

After Karasuno wins, Kurokawa goes to meet with the team outside the arena[5]. The second-years greet him enthusiastically as the third-years catch up with Tashiro. Kurokawa asks about Hinata and Kageyama before commenting that Karasuno has really changed. He encourages the third-years to win their next match before he leaves with Tashiro.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He has been noted to be a well-known player who's skilled at both attacking and defending[2]. He's especially proficient with receives, though he notes that he simply acts on instinct rather than plan his movements.


Hidemi Tashiro

Tashiro and Kurokawa s4-e11-2.png

During the time when Tashiro was captain, Kurokawa was often shown by his side. They appear to be somewhat close as Tashiro would confide in him his conflicted feelings towards practices while displaying an optimistic persona to the others. They seem to have kept in contact after high school as they went together to watch Karasuno's first match at the Spring Tournament.



  • Nomenclature
    • Hiroki (広樹)
      • 広 - Wide"
      • 樹 - Tree
    • Kurokawa (黒川)
      • 黒 - Black
      • 川 - River