Hiroki Kurokawa
Japanese 黒川 弘樹
Translation Kurokawa Hiroki
Character information
Gender Male
Age 18-19
Height 183.2 cm (6' 0.1")
Weight 76.9 kg (169.5 lbs)
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Team Hisa Junior High (former)
Karasuno High (former)
Position Wing Spiker
Captain (former)
Affiliation Hisa Junior High (former)
Karasuno High (former)
Background information
Chapter "The Struggles of the Weak-Willed (flashback)"
"Release (debut)"
Episode "The Battle Without Will Power"
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Joel McCray
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Hiroki Kurokawa (Japanese: 黒川 (くろかわ) 弘樹 (ひろき) Kurokawa Hiroki) was a member of the Karasuno High School Boys' Volleyball Club. He played as a wing spiker and was the captain during his third year.


Although he appears to have very light, almost white, hair in the manga, Kurokawa's shown with brown hair in the anime[1]. He also has darker eyes in the anime than in the manga. Kurokawa has a large build and is more than 177 cm tall.


He's a serious person who doesn't speak that often, but when he does, he's shown to be a blunt, somewhat cynical person. His way of managing the team as the captain was much stricter than Tashiro's and he wasn't as openly ambitious.


He had been part of Karasuno Boys' Volleyball Team since his second year of high school[2]. He became captain during his third. Since Coach Ikkei Ukai had already retired, both he and Hidemi Tashiro were tasked to coaching the underclassmen.


Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

Kurokawa goes to Karasuno's first match of Nationals in Tokyo with Tashiro[3]. As they watch the match, Tashiro tearfully exclaims that Daichi has improved tremendously and Kurokawa says something back, but Tashiro can't understand him.

After Karasuno wins, Kurokawa goes to meet with the team outside the arena[4]. The second years greet him hastily as the third years catch up with Tashiro. Kurokawa asks about Hinata and Kageyama before remarking that Karasuno has really changed. He tells the third years to win their next match too and leaves with Tashiro.


Original Statistics
Game Sense

He has been noted to be a well-known player who's skilled at both attacking and defending. He's especially proficient with receives, though he notes that he simply acts on instinct rather than plan his movements.


Hidemi TashiroEdit

During the time when Tashiro was captain, Kurokawa was often shown by his side. They appear to be somewhat close as Tashiro would confide in him his conflicted feelings towards practices while displaying an optimistic persona to the others. They seem to have kept in contact after high school as they went together to the current Karasuno's first match of Nationals.



  • "Dealing with people can be tough, but kindness alone isn't going to cut it." (To Daichi, Chapter 119)


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