Hiroki Tamagawa (Japanese: 玉川 (たまがわ) 弘樹 (ひろき) Tamagawa Hiroki) is a third year wing spiker on the Tokonami High Volleyball Team.


He has slightly messy dark-grey hair and thin eyebrows.


Tamagawa appears to be a carefree, happy individual.


He is currently a third year in Tokonami High. He plays as a wing spiker on the boys' volleyball team.


Interhigh Arc

Tamagawa first appears at Tokonami High with his teammates, going over the roster for Interhigh[1]. When he discovers that they're against Karasuno, what he believes is a weak team, he becomes excited at the prospect of finally winning the first round.

The first day of Interhigh, Tokonami faces Karasuno[2]. Tamagawa's surprised that Hinata's a middle blocker with his height. Tokonami's soon overwhelmed by Karasuno. When Ikejiri gives an inspirational quote, Tamagawa agrees with the others that they still have a chance and points out that Karasuno's made mistakes too. However, despite their efforts, they lose the match in the end.


Not much is known about his abilities.


Tokonami High

Tamagawa appears to get along well with his teammates.


  • Nomenclature
    • Hiroki (弘樹) - Wide Tree
    • Tamagawa (玉川) - Ball River



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