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Hitoshi Ginjima (Japanese: 銀島 (ぎんじま) (ひとし) Ginjima Hitoshi) was a second-year student at Inarizaki High. He was one of the wing spikers for the Boys' Volleyball Team.

As of 2021, he is a gym instructor in Osaka.


Ginjima is a player of slightly above average height. He has short spiky hair that is colored silver in the manga. However, his hair is closer to a sandy brown color in the anime. 


Ginjima is described as someone with a strong sense of responsibility, but a fiery personality that usually causes him to make rash decisions. Despite this, he cares a lot about his teammates, though he can be quite naïve at times. He gets often impressed by Atsumu's questionable decisions, but it often gets him scolded by Kita.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Inarizaki High s4-e22-1

Ginjima is one of the first players to serve during the match. Unfortunately for him, the ball goes into the net. Shortly after, Ginjima is part of Inarizaki's double-quick attack. Ultimately, Ginjima is set to and tries to score past Hinata. Despite the ball going in between the latter's arms, it touches his foot. In the very same rally, Ginjima attempts to block Hinata's back minus but fails as he is used as a decoy for Daichi. Daichi has trouble with Ginjima once more when he hastily receives his serve. Near the end of the first set, Yamaguchi hastily manages a service ace off Aran. At this, Atsumu isn't reluctant to admit that Inarizaki lost the rally, but was too quick to say this before Ginjima can tell him not to put Aran's spirits down. Shortly after, Ginjima serves, and it seems to be conquering the rally, but Kageyama roughly saves it with his hand. During the second set, Ginjima is called to cover for Aran and succeeds. In the following rally, he ends Kageyama's streaks of service aces when he receives it.

Seeing Kita get subbed in, Ginjima and the other second-years, excluding Suna, all get anxious when their captain enters the court and is about to serve. Before he does so, Kita refers back to the previous rally, where Ginjima failed to score against Karasuno because he was nervous they were going to catch up and scolds him about having lost his composure. After this, Kita bumps the ball to Ginjima and the hitter manages to spike past the blockers. Once Ginjima does this again, Saeko gets annoyed at him scoring. Additionally, Atsumu fools the blockers and the whole crowd when deciding to set to Ginjima later on. Ginjima is set once more in order for him to conquer a triple block but only deflects it. Despite this, he gets annoyed when seeing Hinata get to the end of the court to dig it so quickly.

Near the end of the second set, Ginjima is subbed out for Kita and after the captain is able to receive Asahi's harsh serve, Ginjima wrestles with himself questioning if he could've got that. However, the moment he is subbed back in, Ginjima surprises Karasuno with a harsh spike. In the following set, the crowd believes Atsumu would go for a quick set again and does, but instead of going to Osamu, he tosses to Ginjima. Nevertheless, Inarizaki still loses and after the last point is scored, Ginjima falls to the ground in front of the ball. Following this, Inarizaki bows to Karasuno. As Kita thanks his teammates for all they did, Ginjima breaks into tears.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Ginjima is a player who is well-above average in both spiking and receiving. He also has a very powerful jump serve. 


Inarizaki High[]

  • Shinsuke Kita: Ginjima is often the one who gets scolded the most by Kita due to his rash but naïve personality, but also because he is often impressed by Atsumu's questionable decisions. Despite this, Ginjima respects his captain and, although he is not a regular, his volleyball skills as well.


  • Current Concern: "Ojiro keeps wanting me to help keep the twins in line."
  • Star Sign: Leo.
  • It is confirmed that he shares the same class as the Miya twins.
  • He is the oldest second-year on the team.
  • The first character "銀 (Gin)" in Ginjima's name means silver and is derived from the Silver Fox, also known as "ギンギツネ" or Gingitsune.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Hitoshi (結) – Tie
    • Ginjima (銀島) – Silver Island