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"Holes" (Japanese: 風穴 (かざあな) Kazaana) is the three hundred forty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 22nd-23rd double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


Things are starting to look up for Karasuno after changing up their usual rotation. In order to avoid a repeat of set 1, they must take advantage of their rotations with Hinata upfront and score as much as possible.


Observing from the sidelines, Sugawara remarks that they feel confined despite playing well and hopes for a different second set. Hoshiumi receives Kageyama's powerful serve, leaving Suwa to send a back row toss to Gao. Karasuno lands a touch on Gao's spike with a soft block, but they are unable to connect after the ball flies greatly out-of-bounds. It's now crucial for Karasuno to limit Kamomedai's serve streak. They rely on their trusty synchronized attack and earn back the right to serve in one go.

The two teams continue to exchange points off of each other until Hinata rotates to the front row. After Nishinoya cleanly saves Hoshiumi's spike, Hinata performs his specialty, a wide broad attack, and breaks through Kamomedai's airtight defense using breadth and speed. Karasuno leads 4- 3, but Gao quickly earns back the point with his spike. Hoshiumi unintentionally sends his serve directly towards Nishinoya, who makes another clean pass. Asahi and Hinata simultaneously mobilize on opposite sides of the court for an attack, but Kageyama surprises everybody with a unexpected dump shot. Hinata is irked since the atmosphere felt like he would get the toss only to receive direct confirmation by a smirking Kageyama that this is the desired effect.

Kuroo concludes that Karasuno has a strong offensive rotation with Asahi, Hinata, and Kageyama in the front row. However, he remarks that Karasuno must take advantage of Hinata's scoring and decoy ability to score as much as possible. Kenma interjects that Hinata will be mostly up against Kamomedai's two best blockers, making it a battle between the "sharpest spear" and the "stoutest shield."


Chapter notes

Character revelations


  • In this chapter, Ukai stresses the importance of Karasuno getting the first side-out, which is when the receiving team scores a point and earns the right to serve.


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