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"Hoodlums" (Japanese: (やから) Yakara) is the one hundred fortieth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 6th-7th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


The final set begins and Aoba Johsai seems to have the momentum from the start until the rivalry between Tanaka and Kyōtani starts to change things.


As the third set is about to begin, Coach Irihata reminds the Aoba Johsai team that while they cannot contain Hinata they should at least try their best to counter his attacks. At the same time, Ukai warns the Karasuno team not to let Oikawa have his way with his serves.

The teams head onto the court and Asahi is first to serve. Kyōtani is able to receive and Iwaizumi is able to score when Daichi cannot receive his spike. With Aoba Johsai taking the first point, Oikawa is next to serve. Asahi is able to make the receive but feels that Oikawa's serves are almost too quick for them to react to. Kyōtani is able to do a direct spike and put Aoba Johsai at a two point lead.

Ukai recognizes Iwaizumi's technique and power as the ace, Kyōtani's aggressive attacks, and Oikawa's serves are the greatest threats to Karasuno and that they need to find a way to break through to get the momentum back on their side. Oikawa serves again but Daichi is able to receive. Kageyama sets to Tanaka. Tanaka deflects the ball off Kyōtani's arm. As Karasuno celebrates the point, Tsukishima notices the growing rivalry between Tanaka and Kyōtani. In the next rally, Kyōtani gets revenge by ricocheting the ball off Tanaka.

When the score reaches 7-6 with Aoba Johsai in the lead, Asahi is next to serve. He lands a service ace when it narrowly lands in-bounds and stuns Kyōtani. Eventually, Oikawa serves next. His serve clips the top of the net and is forced to make the first touch when Tsukishima aims his spike toward him. Iwaizumi sends the last hit to Kyōtani. As they prepare to block, Tsukishima calls out to Tanaka. Kyōtani spikes but is surprised when he gets blocked due to Tanaka and Tsukishima having switched blocking positions.

Ennoshita correctly guesses that Tanaka has been going head-to-head with Kyōtani and points out that Tanaka was able to get a block-out off Kyōtani in the second set as well as pulling off a narrow straight shot even though there were no blockers for a cross shot. Ennoshita noticed that Kyōtani was starting to get frustrated and got revenge when he got a block-out off Tanaka.

As Tanaka praises Tsukishima for his plan before the first year goes to serve. Oikawa sets to Kyōtani in hopes that the wing spiker will get the point back but instead Kyōtani's spike lands out. Noticing Kyōtani getting more irritated, Nishinoya questions if Tanaka was riling up Kyōtani on purpose but Sugawara dismisses this idea by claiming that Tanaka's behavior during the game is how he normally is.

As Tsukishima gets ready to serve again, Aoba Johsai calls for a time-out.


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