"Hunger is Contagious" (Japanese: 空腹 (くうふく) 伝染 (でんせん) Kūfuku no Densen) is the two hundred eighty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 10th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


With the score tied at 27- 27, Karasuno gives it their all to earn the two points lead needed to win the match. With Tsukishima restricting Suna's range, Hinata receives the spike to give Karasuno a chance to attack. However, Inarizaki proves themselves as no pushovers. They successfully deal with Karasuno's spike and counterattack. Tsukishima's reflexes slowly begin to diminish as he gradually gets more fatigued, but he pushes himself to land a soft block on Inarizaki's spike. When it comes down to crunch time, Kageyama set a high toss to Asahi. Asahi rises up to the challenge by coming through with a powerful spike that put Karasuno at match point.


Karasuno and Inarizaki players focused and ready to score.

In the messroom at Date Tech, the volleyball club intently watches Karasuno's match. To all Karasuno supporters' surprise and Inarizaki's annoyance, Hinata once again manages to save a spike. Hinata takes a moment to admire Tsukishima's abilities as a blocker, before running in for a Back Minus. Kageyama ends up tossing to Asahi, but Inarizaki still puts up a two-man block despite being distracted by Hinata. Asahi spikes it over the net, only to have it received by Inarizaki's Libero Akagi. With the ball still in play, Inarizaki returns the favor with their own decoy and attack. Tsukishima expresses his frustration towards the fact that whilst his mind is clear, his body is becoming fatigued. Nevertheless, he pushes himself beyond his physical limits to land a touch on Ginjima's spike. He crashes into Daichi afterwards due to exhaustion while the ball flies out-of-bound. Tanaka manages to dive receive the ball to prevent it from being out, and Kageyama follows through with a high toss to Asahi once again.

Feeling the immense pressure to fulfill expectations, Asahi prepares for a powerful spike against three blockers. He maintains his form in midair in order to delay the time of his spike to when the blockers start falling. He executes a powerful wipe that results in the ball ricocheting all the way to the adjacent court. After a long hard-fought rally, Karasuno reaches match point with the score at 28-27. As he watches the match unfold, Kita notes that in a state of exhaustion and under immense pressure, whoever score next is the hero. 


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