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​Hyper Projection Play "Haikyū!!" The Strongest Challengers (Japanese: ハイパープロジェクション演劇 (えんげき) 「ハイキュー!!」"最強 (さいきょう) 挑戦者 (チャレンジャー) " Haipā Purojekushon Engeki "Haikyū!!" "Saikyō no Charenjā") is the ninth stage play adaption of Haruichi Furudate's Haikyū!! series. The play combines manga, live-play, and video to continue to challenge the "top" of theater and achieve further evolution.

This stage play ran during spring 2020.  The story covered Karasuno's match against Inarizaki.

2020 Performance Schedule

The play was scheduled to run from March 21 until May 6, performing in five cities across 37 performances:

  • Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Mar. 21 - 22)
  • Hyogo at Amashin Archaic Hall (Mar. 28 - 29)
  • Miyagi at Tagajō City Cultural Center's Great Hall (Apr. 4 - 5)
  • Fukuoka at Kurume City Plaza The Grand Hall (Apr. 10 - 12)
  • Osaka at Osaka Mielparque Hall (Apr. 17 - 19)
  • Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Apr. 24 - May 6).

However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, only the four Tokyo shows were performed before the rest of the tour was cancelled.




The Karasuno cast from Fly High returned, with the addition of new cast members for Shimada and Saeko. The cast of Atsumu, also returned, and was joined by new cast members for Inarizaki. The actors for Bokuto, Akaashi, and Konoha from Fukurodani returned too.


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