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Japanese Title 進化の夏
Translation Title The Summer of Evolution Karasuno, Revival!
Date Fall 2017
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Hyper Projection Play "Haikyū!!" The Summer of Evolution (Japanese: ハイパープロジェクション演劇 (えんげき) 「ハイキュー!!」"進化 (しんか) (なつ) " Haipā Purojekushon Engeki "Haikyū!!" "Shinka no Natsu") is the fourth stage play adaption of Haruichi Furudate's Haikyū!! series. The play combines manga, live-play, and video to continue to challenge the "top" of theater and achieve further evolution.

The stage play will cover the aftermath of Karasuno's loss to Aobajohsai and their subsequent training camp in Tokyo.

 2017 Performance Schedule Edit

The play is scheduled to open on September 8 and will run until October 29. It will be performed in five cities:

  • Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Sep. 8 - 10/ Oct. 20 - 29)
  • Osaka at Mielparque-Osaka Hall (Sep. 15-18)
  • Hyogo at Amashin Archaic Hall (Sep. 22-24)
  • Miyagi at Tagajyo City Hall Main Hall (Sep. 29 - Oct. 1)
  • Fukuoka at Kurume City Plaza Grand Hall (Oct. 14-15)


Most of Karasuno's Winners and Losers cast will be returning; though the roles of Kageyama and Nishinoya have been recast, and Hitoka Yachi and Kiyoko Shimizu have been added to the cast. The Revival Nekoma cast will also reprise their roles, though Inuoka will not being appearing, with the addition of Lev Haiba. Other new characters to the play include the members of the Fukurodani volleyball team, Saeko Tanaka, and Akiteru Tsukishima.

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