Hyper Projection Play "Haikyū!!" Winners and Losers (Japanese: ハイパープロジェクション演劇 (えんげき) 「ハイキュー!!」"勝者 (しょうしゃ) 敗者 (はいしゃ) " Haipā Purojekushon Engeki "Haikyū!!" "Shōsha to Haisha") is the third stage play adaption of Haruichi Furudate's Haikyū!! series. The play combines manga, live-play, and video to continue to challenge the "top" of theater and achieve further evolution.

The stage play covered the Interhigh match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai.

 2017 Performance Schedule

The play ran from March 24 to May 7, 2017. It was performed in four cities across 36 performances:

  • Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Mar. 24 - 26)
  • Miyagi at Tagajō City Cultural Center's Great Hall (Mar. 31 - Apr. 2)
  • Osaka at Umeda Arts Theater's Main Hall (Apr. 13 - 16)
  • Fukuoka at Canal City Theater (Apr. 21 - 23)
  • Tokyo at Tokyo Dome City Hall (Apr. 28 - May 7)

Home Video

The official DVD and Blu-ray were released on September 13, 2017. Its bonus features included footage of the last performance's curtain call, backstage footage, and a full stage view.

Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack CD

  1. Overture: The Setter Showdown (Japanese: 序曲:ザ・セッター対決 Jokyoku: za settā taiketsu)
  2. Haikyū!! ~ Wind Conductor ~ (Japanese: ハイキュー!! 〜風の指揮者〜 Haikyū!! ~ Kaze no shikisha ~)
  3. At the running horse light (Japanese: 走馬灯にて Sōmatō nite)
  4. Tune up (Japanese: チューンアップ Chūnappu)
  5. Violin Solo: I believe you guys (Japanese: ヴァイオリンソロ:信じてるよお前ら Vaiorin soro: Shinjiteruyo omaera)
  6. Starting fanfare (Japanese: スターティングファンファーレ Sutātingu fanfāre)
  7. Subject: Aoki's music (Japanese: 主題:青城の音楽 Shudai: Aojō no ongaku)
  8. Another motif (Japanese: もう一人のモチーフ Mōichi nin no mochīfu)
  9. Violin Solo: Rest assured (Japanese: ヴァイオリンソロ:安心してとべ Vaiorin soro: anshin shite tobe)
  10. Subject: If you hit it, until it breaks (Japanese: 主題:叩くなら折れるまで Shudai: tatakunara oreru made)
  11. Subject: Ultimate play (Japanese: 主題:究極のプレー Shudai: kyūkyoku no purē)
  12. Scherzo: Refreshing you (Japanese: スケルツォ:爽やか君 Sukerutso: sawayaka kimi)
  13. The wind blowing on the court (Japanese: コートに吹く風 Kōto ni fuku kaze)
  14. Impromptu: Flying fish (Japanese: 即興曲:トビウオ Sokkyōkyoku: tobiuo)
  15. Duo for violin and cello: You are the strongest with me (Japanese: ヴァイオリンとチェロのための二重奏:俺がいればお前は最強だ Vaiorin to chero no tame no nijūsō: Ore ga ireba omae wa saikyōda)
  16. Each Fortissimo (Japanese: それぞれのフォルティッシモ Sorezore no forutisshimo)
  17. Breath, cheers, whistle, volleyball (Japanese: 息、歓声、笛、排球 Iki, kansei, fue, haikyū)
  18. Subject: Don't stop thinking (Japanese: 主題:考えるのを止めるな Shudai: kangaeru no o tomeruna)
  19. Light on the other side (Japanese: 向こう側の光 Mukōgawa no hikari)
  20. Rhapsody for "Winners and Losers" (Japanese: "勝者と敗者"のためのラプソディー "Shōsha to haisha" no tame no rapusodī)
  21. Closing song: It's not today (Japanese: 終曲:それは今日じゃない Shūkyoku: Sore wa kyō janai)
  22. Piano Solo: Proof of Weakness (Japanese: ピアノソロ:弱さの証明 Piano soro: Yowa sa no shōmei)
  23. The View From The Summit (Japanese: The View From The Summit The View From The Summit)




ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 公演CM

Winners and Losers CM


All of Karasuno's Revival! cast and Aoba Johsai's second run cast reprised their roles. Takato Nagata (Kenma Kozume) and Shōri Kondō (Tetsurō Kuroo) also returned.


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