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Ichibayashi High (Japanese: 一林) is a high school in Fukuoka Prefecture. The team won the 2013 Spring Nationals.


Their jerseys are red with the number printed in white. The libero wears a contrasting uniform that's white with red shorts and the number printed in either red or black.

Volleyball Club

Nothing is known about their volleyball club other than they appear to have good blockers and were able to defeat Fukurōdani Academy and Kamomedai High.


Name Number Position Year Status
? #1 Captain ? Active
? ? ? ? Active
? ? ? ? Active
? #12 ? ? Active
? #15 Libero ? Active

Spring-High Nationals Tournament (2013)

They were not exempt from the first round.


  • Ichibayashi High vs Shiritsu Sakae High School [Wakayama] (2:?)




  • No members were given names. It's known they have a middle blocker, a captain wearing the number 1, a number 12, and a libero wearing the number 15.
  • In the manga, Ichibayashi is placed on the upper right side of the bracket, as they faced Kamomedai in the semifinals and Fukurōdani in the finals. However, the anime has Fukurōdani and Mujinazaka placed on the right, with Ichibayashi supposedly on the bottom left.
    • Considering the matches play out the same as in the manga, Ichibayashi would play Inubushi Higashi in the semifinals and Fukurōdani in the finals.
    • It's unknown if this a corrected error in the manga or anime.