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"Identity" (Japanese: アイデンティティ Aidentiti) is the one hundred seventieth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 39th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Hinata increases his blocking height with an added approach run. Coach Ukai instructs Hinata to jump sideways and to rely on his teammates for support. This proves to be effective as Karasuno gradually builds up momentum.


Hinata successfully shuts down Reon's spike and ties the score at 11 - 11. Karasuno supporters are ecstatic as they find hope of Karasuno changing the tides of the game. Saeko remarks that Hinata should always add in an approach run for his block, but Shimada and Takinoue quickly point out the disadvantages. The two explain that such action is physically taxing and only increases Hinata's already high energy expenditure. Shimada teases Takinoue for always slacking off in his plays, and Takinoue proudly acknowledges this until he realizes that Ikkei Ukai is within earshot. Ikkei reveals that he doesn't mind if the players slack off wisely.

Sugawara notifies Nishinoya that Coach Ukai is calling for him. Meanwhile, Hinata tries to emulate his earlier success but accidentally crashes into the net. Nishinoya rotates in and delivers a message from their coach. For the sake of timing, Ukai has instructed Hinata to jump sideways and rely on the flankers for support.

After Hinata scores, Kageyama makes a powerful serve. Yamagata receives it with difficulty, and Tendō scores to retake the lead. Hinata is still struggling to grasp the block timing with the approach run. He manages to deflect one of Tendō's spikes and immediately goes on the offensive to score. Hinata's nonstop movements are exhausting even to those watching, but Ikkei knows that Hinata has no choice but to keep jumping.

Karasuno hangs on and keeps close to Shiratorizawa. Hinata utilizes the sideway jump in his block and intimidates Reon into using a feint. The rally begins to drag on, and eventually, Shiratorizawa resorts to Ushijima to score. Hinata flies in from the side, and Tanaka is determined to support him. With Tanaka acting as a counterforce from the side, Hinata lands a one-touch on Ushijima's spike. While Karasuno follows up, Hinata begins running to the other side of the court. His flashy movement attracts Tendō's attention, creating an opening in the block for Tanaka to score. Karasuno leads 19 - 18.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • According to Shimada, Takinoue is the type of player who is always thinking of ways to slack off.


  • In commemoration of the fourth set of Shiratorizawa Academy vs. Karasuno High's match, a center color page of Ushijima and Hinata dressed like a warrior and a demon, respectively. The text reads: "The strongest decoy appeared!"


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