"In the Zone" (Japanese: 極限 (きょくげん) スイッチ Kyokugen Suitchi) is the one hundred forty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 11th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Despite Yamaguchi's best effort, Aoba Johsai is able to continue building pressure on Karasuno.


Yamaguchi serves. The ball goes straight to Kyōtani. Kyōtani believes the ball will go out but remembers how the ball dropped during the last set and decides to receive it overhanded. The trajectory of the ball changes and clips Kyōtani's fingertips.

The ball nearly lands out but Iwaizumi makes a miraculous save. With this chance ball, Karasuno attempts a synchronized attack. Asahi attempts to score but Iwaizumi is proving to be troublesome when he makes the receive. After Hanamaki lands a feint, Iwaizumi relishes in the feeling of having turned his opponents hope into crushing defeat. With his serve cut off, Yamaguchi is subbed out.

Both sides continue to give their all until Aoba Johsai is able to pull ahead and reach 23 points. Oikawa serves and lands an ace, putting Aoba Johsai at match point. Before he can serve again, Karasuno calls a time-out. Daichi takes the lead by being aware that all they can do is find a way to receive Oikawa's serve. Takeda is impressed with Daichi's strong leadership but is aware that the third year is probably under great pressure.

Both teams head back onto the court and Oikawa serves. After remembering serves from Ikkei Ukai, Asahi, Kageyama, Bokuto, and Masaki Gōra, Daichi is nearly knocked off his feet when he makes the receive. Tanaka and Tsukishima make a running approach but Asahi is the one to get the next set. Although Asahi scores, Seijoh is still at match point and the new rotation takes Nishinoya out.

Before the rally can begin, Tsukishima is subbed out and Sugawara is sent in.


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