Inarizaki High (Japanese: 稲荷崎 (いなりざき) 高校 (こうこう) Inarizaki Kōkō) is a high school in the Hyōgo Prefecture.


Inarizaki, like most Japanese schools, has a uniform and dress code. The male uniform consists of a white shirt, maroon tie, brown blazer, and black pants.

The boys' volleyball club's uniform consists of a tracksuit with a maroon jacket and white pants. During official matches, the players wear black jerseys with white details and shorts. The jersey has the number printed on both sides with "Inarizaki High School" written in Kanji on the backside. The libero has a contrasting jersey in white with black details and black shorts.

Volleyball Club

The boy's volleyball team is a long-time powerhouse that has attended Nationals for three years consecutively, and 31 times overall. They are the runners-up of the last Interhigh and the current 2nd seed. They defeated a nationally ranked top 3 spiker Wakatsu Kiryū and his team in the semifinals before taking a set from eventual champions Itachiyama. The year prior, Inarizaki finished in third place in both the Interhigh and Spring High tournaments. They are known for their skilled list of players, such as the Miya Brothers, and the top 2 scorers for Inarizaki, Rintarō Suna and Aran Ojiro who is said to be one of the top five aces in the nation. The team has garnered a reputation as the "strongest challengers" for their unconventional play style and tendency to take risks. The team's motto is "We don't need (things like) memories" to signify not being held down by past accomplishments and always taking on new challenges.

It has been mentioned that the volleyball team is extremely popular, with the Miya twins attracting many fans. Inarizaki matches are usually accompanied by their large orchestra and cheer squad, who have developed a technique to distract their opponents with rhythm and sound.


Name Position Year Status
Tarou Oomi Coach ? Active
Norimune Kurosu Coach 41 Active

Name Number Position Year Status
Shinsuke Kita #1 Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Defensive Specialist 3rd Year Active
Ren Ōmimi #2 Middle Blocker 3rd Year Active
? #3 ? ? Active
Aran Ojiro #4 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Ace / On-Court Captain 3rd Year Active
Hitoshi Ginjima #5 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter 2nd Year Active
Atsumu Miya #7 Setter 2nd Year Active
? #8 ? ? Active
? #9 ? ? Active
Rintarō Suna #10 Middle Blocker 2nd Year Active
Osamu Miya #11 Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter 2nd Year Active
? #12 Setter ? Active
Yūto Kosaku #13 Wing Spiker / Pinch Server 2nd Year Active
Heisuke Riseki #14 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter / Pinch Server 1st Year Active
Michinari Akagi #15 Libero 3rd Year Active
? #16 Libero ? Active
? #19 ? 1st Year Active

Interhigh National Tournament (2011)

Inarizaki lost in the semifinals and placed 3rd overall


  • Inarizaki High School vs ??? (?? : 2 / ??) [1]

Spring High National Tournament (2012)

Inarizaki lost in the semifinals and placed 3rd overall


  • Inarizaki High School vs ??? (?? : 3 / ??)[1]

Interhigh National Tournament (2012)

For the Interhigh, Inarizaki became runner-ups after they lost to Itachiyama in the final match. Although the full score has not been revealed, it is said that Inarizaki defeated Mujinazaka in the semifinals, and that Inarizaki won a set off Itachiyama in the final match.



Spring High National Tournament (2013)

For Nationals, Inarizaki was the second seed and was exempt from the first round. Their first match was played on B court as it's the second match of the second day.[2] Inarizaki lost to Karasuno in a close 3-set match.

Second Round

Spring High National Tournament (2014)

Third Round

  • Inarizaki High School vs Karasuno High School [Miyagi] (2:?? / ??)[3]


  • Inarizaki High School vs ??? [1]

Spring High National Tournament (2015)

Quarter final

  • Inarizaki High School vs ?? (?:2 / ??) [1]


  • Inarizaki has participated in the Spring High tournament 31 times and this time is their 3rd consecutive appearance. It seems that they are a powerhouse team in Hyōgo prefecture.
  • Inarizaki has a massive orchestra-like cheering squad. Apparently, their cheering squad is known because of their "beat" that quickly catches-off an opponent server's timing once the server is lured into the rhythm they make.
  • Inarizaki appears to be represented by foxes, likely from their school name 'Inari' (稲荷) which is a name of a Japanese kami of foxes.[4]
  • Inarizaki's official banner reads "思い出 なんか いらん" ("Omoide nanka iran") which translates to "We don't need (things like) memories."[5]
  • In a panel from Jump Festa 2018, it is revealed that most of Inarizaki are named after subspecies of foxes. The Miya twins are the exceptions with their family name referencing the shrine of the fox deities known as Inari.



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