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"Inexperienced" (Japanese: 未熟 (みじゅく) Mijuku) is the one hundred eleventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 27th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Kageyama is removed from the game until he recovers from his minor injury and Hinata is soon subbed out as well, allowing Sugawara and Narita to handle the rest of the set against Johzenji.


At the sight of Kageyama bleeding, Hinata immediately goes into hysterics as Tanaka tries to calm him down. Daichi instructs Kageyama that he will need to be removed from the game until his injury is properly treated and the bleeding stops. Kageyama tries to insist that he's fine but is not able to convince anyone. Sugawara is subbed in and Kageyama is led to the medical station by Yamaguchi as Hinata assures him that he can handle things until he returns.

After the next rally finishes, the Date Tech players watch in surprise as Hinata is called off the court and Narita is put in. Futakuchi believes that Ukai is using this chance to let the back-up players take part in the game before stating how he believes that Kageyama was better at basic skills compared to Hinata and that the first year middle blocker would not be of much use on the court without his partner. Aone instantly glares at Futakuchi who simply states that he was speaking the truth. Obara recalls how Aone has formed a friendship with Hinata since their game in the InterHigh. Aone surprises his teammates by speaking of how Hinata is aware that he is not at his best for the time being.

Ukai tells Hinata to keep a close on Narita as he plays as he has been working closely with Sugawara. Upon returning to the warm-up box, Tsukishima notices Hinata's impatience to return to the court. Narita scores and puts Karasuno ahead by three points. When Tanaka's line shot lands out, Terushima is next to serve. He becomes incredibly excited when he lands a service ace.

Kageyama returns to the gym after a few plays have gone by but is sent to the warm-up area instead of being put back in the game right away. He right away makes fun of Hinata and his promise to keep things under control until he returned. Hinata assures Kageyama that he will be able to do this once he is back in the game.

At the next chance ball, the Karasuno team launch the synchronized attack. Daichi successfully scores. Seeing the synchronized attack excites Terushima and he calls his team over for a plan. With Karasuno at set point, Narita serves next. Everyone watches as Johzenji suddenly perform their own synchronized attack.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Aone formed an unlikely friendship with Hinata during the Interhigh-Preliminaries.



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