Isamu Nakashima
Japanese 中島 勇
Translation Nakashima Isamu
Character information
Gender Male
Family Masayoshi Nakashima (father)

Ai Nakashima (mother)
Takeru Nakashima (younger brother)
Makoto Nakashima (younger sister)
Minoru Nakashima (younger brother)
Baby (youngest sibling)

Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Team Wakutani South High (former)
Position Captain (former)
Setter (former)
Affiliation Wakutani South High (former)
Background information
Chapter "Next"
Japanese Showtaro Morikubo
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Isamu Nakashima (Japanese: 中島 (なかしま) (いさむ) Nakashima Isamu) is the first child of the Nakashima family and an alumnus of Wakutani South High. The Nakashima family often attends Takeru's matches and has grown to be known as Wakutani South's famous "cheering squad family".


He is tall and has an average build. He has medium-length black hair and thick, short eyebrows with similar colored eyes. He is first seen wearing a black tracksuit but for the Karasuno match, he wore a light-colored one.


He has a fancy-free personality and likes to leave his brother, Takeru, to take care of his other siblings. His sister, Makoto, commented that he is susceptible to nostalgia and often brags about how he and Takeru make the strongest combo.


He was once the captain and setter of Wakutani South High, but the team Takeru now leads is stronger than Isamu's. He, along with Takeru and Makoto, would often watch volleyball matches together.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

Holding two megaphone cones, he cheers on Takeru with most of his family at the end of the Wakutani South vs. Ōgishō match[1].

He appears once again to cheer Takeru on during the Karasuno High vs. Wakutani South match. In the middle of the third set when Takeru's spike keeps getting blocked by Karasuno, Isamu grows frustrated. He's about to say that he and Takeru formed a better combo when his sister cuts him off and completes it for him, noting that he brags about it too often. Isamu sadly comments that he has a cold-hearted sister.

After the match ends in Karasuno's victory, he somberly joins the rest of his family in applauding the Wakutani South players for their performance.


Takeru NakashimaEdit

He once formed a combo with Takeru and appears to be close friends with his brother despite being complete opposites, as noted by Makoto[2]. However, Isamu often leaves Takeru to take care of their younger siblings so he could have fun.

Makoto NakashimaEdit

At home, along with Takeru, they would watch volleyball matches on TV together. Isamu often brags to Makoto about his achievements with Takeru, which annoys her.


  • He and his family appear in Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan (where his sister is one of the main characters).
  • Nomenclature
    • Nakashima (中島) - Island in a River
    • Isamu (勇) - Courage



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