Issei Matsukawa (Japanese: (まつ) (かわ) (いっ) (せい) Matsukawa Issei) is a 3rd year student in Class 1 from Aoba Johsai High; he is one of the middle blockers. As of 2021, Matsukawa works at a funeral company in Miyagi.


Matsukawa is shown to have messy black hair and thick eyebrows. His mouth is usually shown as having his upper lip more pronounced than most characters. He is the tallest of the third-year volleyball players at Seijō, and has a good height for volleyball.


Although he can seem intimidating because of his height and blocking ability, he is shown to be actually quite easy-going and good-natured, enjoying a good joke and poking fun at his friends. He is also shown to have an incredibly high game sense when it comes to narrowing Hinata's cross court shots to line shots during their first match against Karasuno.



Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Shortly before the match, Matsukawa has a short conversation with Yahaba and Iwaizumi about their confusion over why Kageyama decided to attend Karasuno. [1] During the second set, Matsukawa finds himself unable to block Tsukishima as Kageyama sets to him.

Interhigh Arc

Matsukawa serves after Oikawa had scored thanks to his surprise dump. Matsukawa serves again, but Nishinoya is able to receive it. Not long after Matsukawa, Hanamaki, and Oikawa are all rotated in the front row, which would pressure Kageyama and roll with Oikawa’s plan. Later on, Kunimi bumps perfectly to where Oikawa is standing, and he sets to Matsukawa, and they go for a quick set, which surprises the spectators. However, Hinata is able to block him.

Kageyama would be soon benched by Sugawara, and forgetting this, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi would be confused as to why Sugawara wasn’t saying either ‘bring’ or ‘give’ since it would indicate which quick attack they would use, and Oikawa yells at his teammates that it was because Sugawara was setting, not Kageyama. During the time-out to conclude the first set, Matsukawa agrees with Iwaizumi admitting that he initially thought that Karasuno’s defense was only made up of Hinata and Kageyama and after Oikawa insults him, Matsukawa and dodges Iwaizumi’s headbutt.

When the rally hits the 20s, Tsukishima is subbed in, and Matsukawa notices that whenever he gets rotated in, Karasuno stopped attacking from the center. However, he is surprised with a tip from Tsukishima when attempting to block him. During the time-out for the third set, Iwaizumi figures that Karasuno probably changed their signals for the quick set, and Matsukawa speculates that if Hinata looks at the ball for more than a beat, he’s going for a normal quick, but if he starts running, he’s going for the faster one. Hinata is about to pull his quick attack, and together, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa try to stop him but fail since he is instead used as a decoy. [2]

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Aoba Johsai vs Date Tech

After Iwaizumi scores Aoba Johsai’s winning point, Matsukawa congratulates his teammate and ruffles his hair.

Aoba Johsai vs Karasuno

As the match begins, Matsukawa and the other third years cut in Oikawa’s faith speech and each demands a command of a bowl of ramen in case Oikawa fails his first serve. When Hinata gets past Watari, Matsukawa twitches in irritation. However, when Hanamaki and Kindaichi leave the court to prepare for the next rally, he tells them to ignore cross shots and instead prepare for line shots. When he jumps up to block, he admits to himself that Hinata is a pain to block one-on-one but highly discourages him to go for a cross-shot with a hard stare. After this, he tells his team that if they could simply point Hinata’s shots in the direction that would benefit them, they wouldn’t be difficult to dig.

During the second rally, Oikawa would set more often to Kyotani, and Karasuno believes that this is to throw them off with another player later. This is referenced back to when Matsukawa seems to creep behind Kyotani to use him as a decoy but ultimately Oikawa sets to Kyotani. After Kyotani fails to dig Yamaguchi’s jump floater, Hanamaki learns from his teammate’s mistake and instead goes for an overhand pass. After Yamaguchi manages a streak of multiple aces in a row, Hanamaki admits that it was impossible to have gotten the latest one. Shortly after, as Oikawa and Matsukawa manage to score, Takeda remark how Aoba Johsai caught up to Karasuno in no time.

After Aoba Johsai’s loss, Iwaizumi blames himself for it but after a slap in the back by each of the third years, including Matsukawa, he gets back to his senses. Nevertheless, that evening, Iwaizumi has a competition with Oikawa to determine who had the more right to be upset over their loss, but Hanamaki and Matsukawa don’t react to it much. Shortly after, the club’s third years all play together. As they are about to wrap things up, Hanamaki senses that Oikawa is about to end off with a happy message to conclude their volleyball career and they all break into tears.

Tokyo National Arc

Matsukawa makes an appearance in the match between Karasuno and Inarizaki when Hinata admits that he despises Matsukawa's blocks more than any other he has faced so far. Matsukawa is then seen sneezing on a train.[3]

Final Arc

Matsukawa's final appearance of the series is when he is watching the match between Japan and Argentina. He is currently working at a funeral home in Miyagi.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He seems to be overall good at spiking, receiving, and blocking.

When blocking, it's been shown that he can pressure his opponents to force the path of a spike. This has caused his blocking style to be Hinata's most hated.

Jumping Reach: 331 cm


Tōru Oikawa

Like the other Aoba Johsai 3rd years, he tends to poke fun at Oikawa. However, he does have a deep respect for his captain.

Takahiro Hanamaki

The two seem to be close friends, even among the four tight-knit third years of Seijō. They often join in or enjoy spectating Oikawa's mocking antics towards Iwaizumi, or tease Oikawa as well. Though both are of few words, they appear to be close with the other members of their team.


  • Favorite Food: Cheese-filled hamburger steak.
  • Current Concern: He's been told that his school uniform doesn't suit him.
  • He shares his birthday with Yahaba (March 1st).
  • It is stated in the Haikyuu Guidebook that he has one younger sister and one younger brother.
  • In the manga he doesn't wear kneepads. However, in the anime he does.
  • It's unknown if he and Hanamaki do this on purpose or it's a mistake done by Furudate, but the two characters are occasionally shown wearing each other's uniform (Chapter 49's cover page for example).
  • Matsukawa's blocks are Hinata's least favorite.[3]
  • He bears a close resemblance to Moniwa, former captain of Date Tech.
  • Nomenclature
    • Issei (一静) - Quiet one.
    • Matsukawa (松川) - Pine tree river.



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