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Isumi Sakishima (Japanese: 先島 (さきしま) 伊澄 (いすみ) Sakishima Isumi) is a third year student attending Nohebi Academy. He plays as the setter on the boys' volleyball team.


He has short blond hair and blond eyebrows (reddish-brown in the anime). His eyes are dark blue and hooded. Like Suguru, he resembles a snake. He also appears to have freckles. While he is slightly taller than average, he is still one of the shorter players on the Nohebi team. He also has a slim build.


He and Suguru Daishō are the ones shown to participate the most in Nohebi’s taunting of their opponents in order to make them self-destruct. Additionally, he tends to be overconfident about his actions at times. Despite his team’s harsh treatment of their rivals, they still care about each other and they are seen to be able to count on and trust one another.


Sakishima currently attends Nohebi Academy located in Tokyo Prefecture in the region of Honshū.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

A few moments after Nohebi's match against Nekoma starts, Sakishima joins Suguru's taunts of the opposing team. Soon after, when Lev fails to block Suguru, Sakishima begins referring to him a sieve with Hiroo ‘confirming’ this after he earns a point thanks to Lev’s failed block as well.

Sakishima and Suguru often seem to be the ones taunting Nekoma the most. When Lev smashes the ball on Nohebi’s side of the court, all Sakishima is able to do is look up in surprise as he most likely did not expect this from the middle blocker.

Isumi Sakishima OVA 5-1.png

As the match progresses, Yaku injures his foot, and gets replaced by Shibayama. The rotation gets to Sakishima and Kuroo to both be in the front row. As Sakishima is preparing to make a set, he instantly feels Kuroo's presence behind him and feels the immense pressure the Nekoma captain is radiating. Right after when, Fukunaga scores against Nohebi, Numai yells at them to grab them a ticket to nationals no matter whatever it takes, which puts the team's spirits up. Sakishima smiles to indicate that he got the message[1].

After Kenma successfully attempts at a setter dump against Hiroo, Sakishima tries to do one as well, but Lev stops it, surprising Sakishima with his speed. Lev’s speed would surprise him again when he would block Hiroo, to whom Sakishima had set to earlier.

After Nohebi’s loss, the third-years all stare at Suguru with a tried look on their faces, and upon Sakishima saying that there is no mercy for the lucky guy, they all start attacking each other playfully while having tears in their eyes[2].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Not much is known about his abilities, but he seems to be a decent setter. He is able to skillfully set his teammates to the best of his abilities. However, he is shown to feel the pressure of knowing a blocker is present; as shown when he sensed Kuroo preparing for an upcoming attack.


Nohebi Academy

Sakishima seems to get along well with his teammates, especially with the third years since he is once himself. He and Suguru are the ones who participate the most in their school’s taunting of their enemies. Despite this, he gets along with his teammates and Numai trusted all of them to go to nationals.



  • Sakishima's name, like the rest of Nohebi, comes from the name of a snake. Sakishima comes from sakishima habu (サキシマハブ), or the elegant pitviper
  • Nomenclature
    • Isumi (伊澄)
      • 伊 - Particle To Adjust The Tone
      • 澄 - Serene
    • Sakishima (先島)
      • 先 - Ahead Of
      • 島 - Island