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"It Got Me Pumped but at the Same Time Made Me Jealous" (Japanese: 「テンションが () がると同時 (どうじ) (くや) しさも (かん) じます」 "Tenshon ga Agaru to Dōji ni Kuyashisa mo Kanjimasu") is the three hundred eighty-fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 15th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Hinata lives up to his reputation as the greatest decoy and contributes greatly in both offense and defense. He continues to show off his versatility on the court to prove that he can compete evenly with those much taller than him.


Those watching the match catch onto Hinata's strategy of luring the spikers to hit where he wants. Asahi adds in that those who fall for Hinata's decoy are just as amazing since they must survey the opposing defense formation and make a decision in a split second. The game continues, and the score reaches 16 - 16.

Romero targets his serve toward Hinata and Sakusa once again. While Sakusa receives, Hinata starts a run-up for a broad attack and attracts the Adlers' attention. Meian and Bokuto also joins in on the offense to confuse the blockers even more. Atsumu sends the toss to Meian, who jumps diagonally and spikes through a double block. Hinata's overwhelming presence on the court combined with his teammates' efforts make up a highly effective offense, something Futakuchi dubs as the "fishing tandem from hell."

Hinata is up to serve after a few more points. Heiwajima keeps the ball in play, and Kageyama tosses to Ushijima. Ushijima tools the block, forcing Atsumu to follow up with the first touch. Atsumu immediately calls out to Hinata. Hinata prepares to set the ball while the rest of the Jackals move in to spike. Hinata does a back set and tosses to Atsumu who successfully scores for the team.

Yachi commends Hinata for his versatility, but Tsukishima remarks that Hinata must be this skilled if he wants to stand on the court in place of the 2-meter cannon Oriver Barnes. Yachi notes that only with Hinata's individual scoring power, decoy effect, and ability to act as an emergency setter combined can he match Barnes' contribution to the team. Meanwhile, Yamaguchi realizes that Black Jackals' play style is drastically different depending on whether Hinata or Barnes is on the court. Tsukishima comments that it would all be pointless if Hinata can't score as an opposite but is quickly silenced when Hinata cleverly uses a block-out to increase Jackals' lead to 4 points. One of the national coaches recalls Hibarida's words about how short players will make their presence known with their skillfulness despite not being sought out.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Koganegawa is working at an automobile manufacturer and will join the Sendai Frogs (Div 2) as a setter next year.
    • He will become teammates with Tsukishima.
  • Futakuchi is an energy company employee and plays as a wing spiker for VC Date, a municipal team.
  • Aone is a construction worker and plays as a middle blocker for VC Date. He and Futakuchi are still teammates.
  • Hyakuzawa switched position to middle blocker and is playing with the Japan Railway Warriors, a Division 1 team.
  • Out of all the first years that were invited to the Miyagi First Years' Training Camp in Dec 2012, Kunimi is the only one who's not playing professionally.


  • This chapter's title references back to Hinata's words in Volume 25 Chapter 218 after Tsukishima sends a high toss to Goshiki during the Miyagi First Years' Training Camp.
  • The score displayed at the end of the chapter, 21 - 17, appears to be an error. The supposedly corrected score should be 22 - 18.


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